Unknown 31 August at Also, want to comment that this drama should have ended in one season, with only 30 episodes or less. Love watching the Turkish films. I think this is a problem with Netflix’s getting distribution rights, and not having the whole production available. Will Emine jump in the pool? Honestly i was super disappointed. Does Timur still love his wife?

Sinan was so immature and annoying! It would’ve been nice to a happy ending for all. I am missing the show already, would be nice if season 2 would be available. I felt the same way Also it was probably not Derin, as the gun that was shown had a man’s hand holding it. And that he is my son and what is he doing with my son.

His whole instance that he was having a son and why was just beyond annoying. Jean’s Blog 13 September at episde If she loved her son the way she said she did and showed, then she and Timur too would see how selfish they were being towards Sinan wanting his son in his life.

That’s not even an end! Please note that unless otherwise stated, all original material of whatever nature created by Nicholas V.

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Yes more than a few cliffhanges. All of these data comes from the Internet open resources, you can feel free to use.


Unknown 9 July at I think its totally unacceptable that a series has so many cliff hangers- who killed Sinan suspicion points to the uncle of the little girl but who knows?

And I gave up on Intersection when I found out that the main female character was killed. I really enjoyed this Turkish drama. Shame finl you Netflix for buying a series without an ending.

She accepts and she moves into ahbavto house having a separate locked bedroom.

Whatever the reason for ending it, is not acceptable. Unknown 29 November at Also, want to comment that this drama should have ended in one season, with only 30 ahabto or less.

Otherwise all other characters very well portrayed and interpreted. Will Emine jump in the pool?

Mustela 9 Mois Vergetures Double Action Lot De 2 5 M

I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the first season and wish that there was a chance for the drama to continue; it would have been good to see that Sinan would achieve the happy ending he deserved after suffering so greatly.

I would add Emine to the suspect list Did he meet his ex and encourage her to appear to teach Mine a lesson? No dejen al televidente desilusionado, por favor!!!

She is not attractive and her voice has no vibration. Netflix has to stop placing series that do not have an end. Even the Last Kingdom. The last episode was an opening for a second eason that will never come!



Sad episode 79 ended this way though. Could somebody advised me when season 2 will be released. But there is a scene where Mine is getting married to Timur.

Unknown 17 January at I went through every emotion, especially with Timur and Sinan and their heartbreak over Mine. After so much anticipation, why do movies and series fail us in the end? As I have written here previously, the Turkish TV series industry is fiercely competitive and the rating system is uncompromising as to dictating the fate of the shows that progress to multi-season hits.

Mustela 9 Mois Vergetures Double Action Lot De 2 5 M

So much more enjoyable. And Emine was outstanding and creepy and she tifls have shot Sinan for all we know since the last scene of her had that eyebrow raised like she was not at all a dopey sad person but a true psychopath.

I think that Sinan was shot by Derin, she was going to get revenge from him.

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