And holy heck, the cliffhanger at the end—how could you do that to me??? What toughness has to do with her choosing to have sex baffled me and I don’t really care to wonder why they were linked. Dan takes her hand and squeezes it causing her to smile at him. I love love love love love the characters Mattie and Dan they are amazing together I actually started crying when Dan almost died by Silas and I could really feel Mattie’s emotion while laying in the hospital bed with Dan. Nights I would stay up reading Nancy Drew by flashlight under the covers until my parents yelled at me to go to sleep. The ghost who attacked her, who she knew for a day during which she was being tortured, the guy she didn’t actually know in real life, all of a sudden, she’s just freaking in love with him. So glad I got the chance to read it and I am anxious to continue with the story.

There never was a boring moment. Not to adults for the dialogue and constant hand-holding by the author. I feel like I wrote this same review for Divergent and that I should probably read another Jack Reacher book just to balance out all this estrogen. Sally’s room is empty, she has disappeared while in her pajamas. Maddie appears to be a more confident, mature teenager, able to take care of herself. It was distracting, even though I liked his character.

I had trouble connecting with Mattie’s character in many ways because the things she would say were annoying a lot of the time. I can’t even wrap my head around the character of Officer Dan what Mattie calls him who is a 20 year old rookie who for some odd reason oh wait, Mattie is the only beautiful 16 year old girl around finds himself drawn to Mattie and oh acts like a jealous boyfriend about her having a boyfriend.


The character riles was strong, and definitely encompasses a teenage thought process. This is the closest she’s ever been to a regular average girl next door. You can read some of it on Wattpad though.

Maddison VAnderHeyden March 3, at 1: I had to find out what happened to her. Sometimes he acts way older than arpyl years, sometimes he acts like a college student. I hung on til the end because I really needed to know who the killer was and if Mary was alive.

The Ghost Files (The Ghost Files, #1) by Apryl Baker

And I had no idea. I’m sorry, but i dont see her as Mattie.

All i see when i see Dan is Ryan Kelley. This story is written in first person and is about 16 year old Mattie Hathaway. Mattie just keeps you on your toes, and the ghosts and problems somehow connives in making you anticipate the next part.

Again, not sure if it’s because I’m definitely out of the targeted audience for this book, but I was skimming it by the end. Jul 16, Joanne Moyer rated it liked it Shelves: Anonymous January 31, at 8: So who am I? Like Ollie the snake. I think you are right when it comes to Silas and Meg, but I don’t really agree with the others you suggested. The book was so realistic.

A young adult paranormal book that showcases the most beautiful girl in the world that has men and ghosts falling in love with her at a single glance. Mattie is strong, but not so strong that nothing can hurt her, quite the opposite in fact.

Mattie and Dan from The Ghost Files. I don’t even a;ryl where to begin.

Chloe Grace Moretz should totally be Mattie! I look forward mmovie reading the rest of the series and I will be looking for them in physical form soon.


Matthews rated it really liked it. Theo as Dan definitely, i cant see Chloe playing Mattie so i say Danielle.

Yes, they were fun, and yes, they had excellent banter, but it felt like Baker couldn’t decide on just what age to treat Dan. This is an incredibly hard book to rate.

It had just the right pacing to keep it exciting. Awesomeness I originally finished this book back in It definitely seemed like she was a real person and not just some character in a book. And as soon as I started reading it I could not put it down. I can honestly say, Baker had me guessing right up to the end.

The Ghost Files

Present day Mattie gets involved in the murder-mystery-disappea I really liked the mystery in this story, and the murder reveal was a good twist but a little too convenient; without spoiling things, there should have been serious tells that were not even touched on. So how did you two meet? She has been in foster homes since she was five years old, and is pretty savvy.

She has a history of running away and no one — not her foster parents, not the police, not even her friend — believes that Sally is missing.

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