Can you please help me? This function removed the braces and the return statement by wrapping the code in an eval and simply making the last statement in the eval evaluate to o. How can I count if criteria is in a list? One use case might be:. Here are a few examples: J whenever a BX number for example.. Hi, I’m creating a spread sheet to work with attendance numbers for an after school program. The target date is at B1 15oct How can I continue to my formulas which will give me the total after 15Oct

My worksheets are set up like this: August 22, at 9: Isiah Meadows Isiah Meadows 1, 10 August 11, at 4: I’m trying to calculate how many times a particular staff is scheduled to work during the week. On one worksheet I have a list of clubs column a – club name is repeated as many times as there are people in the club , the names of the people in the clubs column b , and their gender column c, listed as M or F. Anyway, I thank you for reading and hope to see you on our blog next week!

Hi there – hoping you can help please! If you have a lot of data i.

I can successfully count the number of analyses completed by analyst, by using: July asdv, at 5: Sorry, I’m not sure I can follow you.

You should especially keep in mind that most arithmetic operations involving undefined will result in NaN. I would like it to only count the dates in Safety that are within the last year when the sheet is refreshed. Array x ] works just as well as Array x.


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Hello, I am not sure I can follow you. It didn’t help performance, didn’t really force you to write good code, and would never become the default anyway. Hi Svetlana, I was trying to follow your tutorial and adapt it to my data, but it didn’t seem to work. Mama called the doctor, and the doctor said, “No more monkeys Any help would be much appreciated. So now that we know how String. November 6, at 4: All credits to community. October 15, at 8: Now p can be used for parseIntsaving you many bytes over the long run.

I have a worksheet that I want to count the number of unduplicated rows with two different criteria. I was able to use the COUNTIFS statement to identify the date range, but I can’t figure out how to add the second part of the equation to the formula – that of now counting how many times each of the 27 codes occurs within the date range.

Excel COUNTIFS and COUNTIF with multiple AND / OR criteria – formula examples

This friendly Fur Real Friends dog responds with a little pat on the head or when you wave This can easily be modified to calculate other things. I’m trying to create a summary page that sums the different categories of inventory from each worksheet tab. New Excel user says: Note that this is moviws longer shorter if you want to use any regex features besides the g flag.

Asdt 2 – Jane is used 4 times, Bill 1 time. August 25, at A In your example, the result will be But what if you want to count cells for which at least one of the specified conditions is TRUEi. Hi, I have a doubt in excel.


Each incident is not counted after a year.

Hi, Im trying to do a sum of a range whilst looking at the date completed, for example August 14, at Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. How many customers are in visited there?

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In our sample table, to count orders with the status ” Cancelled ” or ” Pending ” or ” In transit “, the formula would go as follows:. Dear Svetlana Cheusheva, Please solve my example: Might be possible to do in ES5, but is easier now.

Just add a sheet’s name with the exclamation mark before the range, for example like this: Then I want to count how many of them are in that age group and get the moviee for each age range.

Hi, I have a query countiff not working. August 14, at 5: This will start to pay off at even a single new line character in your code. As I am having a huge amount of data I would prefer to avoid the manual work which will take a lot of time to find out this information.

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