I have been looking for a 3rd amp to add another to my collection. Sep 21, 4. If you can get over how stupid these amps look. The 6V6 powervalve’s plastic bases are independent of any PCB and are fixed onto the chassis. I would have either liked it more if the clean channel stayed cleaner longer or if the gain channel was heavier sounding. Hard-hitting classic rock-style distortion. Plenty of clean headroom.

I sold mine to fund another purchase – but I would buy one again for the lead tone. Request a new review. A hand clap goes out to you guys on a job well done, mission accomplished. Nothing about the amp cosmetically is appealing what so ever. The drive channel is certainly a beast. I would have either liked it more if the clean channel stayed cleaner longer or if the gain channel was heavier sounding.

Sep 21, 5.

I have been looking for a 3rd amp to add another to my collection. We proposed some changes to the Emporiums. RSRDSep 21, Serirs also an effects loop send and return as well as a slave input with a slave level control. Sep 21, 2. The Drive “channel” is one of the best “Plexi on steriods” tones I’ve ever heard.

Budda SuperDrive 30 Series II 2×12 Combo | eBay

I’ve had my SD 30 1X12 for about 4 months. If you’re gonna buy one, try to find a nice used one years old. I use a mix of HB and single coil guitars. M tt CNov 16, One of my favorites. Budda amps have their own sound going on, the V delivers a huge sonic punch and blends boutique cleans with classic rock distortions.


The Budda sounded much smaller than the Street Rod, even when the Splawn is set to 20 watts. I have a SD30 and love it, but I’m using it at church and it’s very loud. The volume issue in this case, can be overcome by utilising the interactive Drive controls of both channels, however, what works for one, doesn’t always work for the other.

This thing can easily keep up with a watt Marshall! Considering its depth and solid pine construction, the 2 x 12 is again cartable at around 14kg and suits the dimensions of the V head perfectly. I’ve played in in the xuperdrive studio at moderately low levels and at a couple gigs at higher volume. Sonically, the V Series offers something a little different to the rest of the Budda range: Sort rfview most recent most useful.

There’s also a plastic fan situated next to a large output transformer to keep everything nice and cool.

Tell me about the Budda Superdrive 30…

bueda Image 2 of 4 The Superdrive V has an old-school aesthetic in-keeping with Budda’s trademark style. Around the back we have a mini-switch impedance selector that offers your usual 4, 8 and ohm options next to two speaker outputs.

Home Forums Revirw Posts. You will get a slightly different tone than the 1×12 since these speakers will be pushing more air and the wattage will now be divided.


The V we have here offers a welcoming old-school aesthetic, courtesy of the smart two-tone tuxedo vinyl covering, purple Budda logo and cheese wedge knobs. It’s all very in-keeping with Budda’s recognised vibe, so it fits in with the rest of the range and looks supefdrive boutique. The Gear Page is run by musicians for musicians.

The Rhythm “channel” has a mix of Marshall meets Vox chime, and can get nice superdribe crunchy for classic rock if needed. The bright switch adds more top-end sizzle to the rhythm sound giving it a brittleness that’s better suited to darker, humbucker-equipped guitars than single-coils. The preamp valve-bases, however, are mounted directly onto the Budva, which is becoming par for the course in this type of amp.

Budda SD30 4 years ago and went with the Orange.

Budda SuperDrive 30 Series II 2×12 Combo

Sep 21, 4. They are great amps, excellent clean tones, killer gain sounds. Sep 21, 6. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.

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