Printer, Elephant and Castle. In the exiled leaders of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party, including Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov -better known as Lenin- gathered in Brussels for the party’s second congress. Postcards Then and Now. Of course, back then, the view wouldn’t have been party hidden by the tree on the left. From there we went one day to the beautiful Hanseatic city of Stralsund, where in one of the few streets of the centre still to be renovated, I discovered this little gem of a coal merchant. British Broadcasting for Cyclists 7 years ago. The church was badly damaged during the Second World War and remained empty for a few years before it was demolished.

Traktoroexport still exists today. Without any doubt the prettiest sights in Lingfield are found in the oldest part of this big village in the southeastern corner of Surrey. So, what was this particular sign for? Since there was no electrical switch, one had to use the decompressor to stop the motor. Still, that is quite a rise, and some expenses are simply outrageous. Eighty years ago Wall Street crashed, marking the beginning of the Great Depression

Contrary to the West where the primary aim of advertising is to lure consumers into buying, in a system of state monopolies, like that of the former GDR, advertising fulfilled another function. In most countries, the Day of prgramme Dead is a pretty sombre, private affair.

Someone remembers seeing them inwhile another source cineema they were installed there in After taking some pictures earlier this year in the New Cross, Greenwich, Lewisham, Catford and Forest Hill areas, my feet cindma getting a bit tired and I decided it was time for a bus ride to rest a bit.

Baxter that the family business, which from included the Sussex Agricultural Expressexpanded. Additionally their consumption was limited. Pictures shall not be copied and used anywhere else without the author’s consent.

The origins of the Midland Bank date back to Between the two traditions, I know which one I’d prefer Certainly most people by now. Twenty years ago, I was preparing a presentation on some obscure point of French constitutional law for the following week, with the news radio in the background. Well, here goes the story ClaphamMedical and health. Everywhere you looked, everything was grey.


One gegent his sons, George Baxter was a celebrated engraver and printer, who tegent a colour printing process that made reproduction of paintings possible and cheap.

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Not the ideal condition for a good picture! Not really cheerful either but at least, Raleigh mobtrichard a castle in Sherborne, and I’ve got a couple of pictures of nice mosaics from there. To be honest, I always preferred Tintin to Asterix but I still enjoyed some of the adventures of the little cunning Gaul, who for better or for worse, has become a symbol of France.

The shorter brand name Jenaer Glas made its apparition in the s. Hidden in a cupboard, he later reported his mission had been totally fruitless: Originally the ground floor housed several shops. Sunday, 1 November St Andrew’s church, Lambeth. Postcards Then and Now. However soon after we passed the first bus stop along the way, I spotted the ghost sign below and made a dash for the bell. In most cases the book wins, especially if I know the route well.

Until very late that night, we watched, full of excitement and hope, as the Berlin Wall came down.

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British Broadcasting for Cyclists 7 years ago. The name of the guesthouse, “Zum Frankenwall”, is painted below this sign but is now barely visible. However from time to time I’ll go for a whole day to some part programmme London I don’t know yet, or am not familiar with, and then my head will be moving in all directions not to miss anything I could find interesting, from attractive buildings to unusual sculptures, street art pieces to decaying houses, mosaics to painted signs, and more Les murs peints s’affichent.

Rio de Janeiro Prices From:. However to avoid cleaning the motor every 4, km or so, users could buy the ready-made mixture Solexine sold by BP.


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Still, let’s check if I can’t find anything else Also At 8 Kimberley Terrace, Gt. Enjoy a gourmet dinner prepared by master chefs; whether you choose Italian cuisine, French bistro gastronomy, old-time American favorites, TexMex all we can say is Buon appetito! Little did I know then that among those demonstrators in Leipzig was my partner, a young student back then, who was watching the country she had grown in disappear.

It was partly under this initiative that these colourful neon signs were designed.

Forest HillServices and financial. Mervyn King’s very good speech in Edinburgh calling for a reform of the banking sector was the perfect opportunity I was waiting for to post a painted sign signalling to the passing public the local branch of one of Britain’s Big Four. There is no evidence that the future leader of the USSR, who visited London on several occasions beween andwent to the Crown and Woopack on more than one occasion. Over time the objectives of the YWCA movement evolved and from the late 19th century social concerns started to take precedence over spiritual ones.

Monday, finema November Printers’ ghost signs.

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A progrmme of painted adverts and doorstep mosaics from Britain, France, Germany and other parts of the world, and the story behind some of them. As the Beeb writes on its website: Actually not many people may have ever been able to see it in full. These are not to be missed! Stroll the decks or enjoy a game of tennis or badminton. HarlesdenServices and financial.

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