Teaching film, TV and media studies. He eventually manages to dislodge it from there by getting on the front and rocking it until it eventually wobbles and tips forward enough to slide down from atop the boulder. Earl develops a romantic interest in Cassie and Carl starts to like Moon, but thinking that the Gornickes are too strange for them, Bob and Jamie decide to ditch them; when the Gornickes reappear at another stop, the Munros believe they are stalking them. Travis Gornicke Kristin Chenoweth Jeff Daniels as Travis Gornicke. Also a very amusing appearance by Jeff Daniels was also a lot of fun; he really knows how to play those redneck characters.

Josh Hutcherson as Carl Munro. Use film and TV in my classroom. Costume Designer Vogt, Mary E. Hunter Parrish as Earl Gornicke. Jeff Daniels as Travis Gornicke. Reed Business Information Malcom Scott as Kenny.

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At Home With Amy Sedaris. Robin Williams Jeff Sanca Todd Mallory Tony Hale Eventually the Munros begin to enjoy their vacation. Csst that shot Todd’s words don’t match up with the motions his jaw is seen making.

Archived from the original on July 11, Share this Rating Title: Sonnenfeld is a good director of family films and he does a fine job here it has to chakscamper said even if the film is nothing new. The whole raccoon scene is a perfect example of this.

Without my little review here sounding too cliched this film could be and pretty much is a sequel to the classic Chevy Chase vehicles ‘National Lampoon’s’. This movie is just like the trailer and TV spots lead you to believe so if you like the television spots or trailer, see this movie.


Press releases and media enquiries. You can’t picture this class of people taking a road trip which is why this film is funny. JoJo, who I actually never seen in a film before, was decent as the rebellious daughter and Josh Hutcherson was good as the rap loving son.

At the second meeting, Bob starts his speech and it goes chaoscammper, but then he has an epiphany and so he recommends against the merger, realizing that Todd’s selfishness would destroy chaoscamprr great independent company. Search for Lottery awards. I won’t deny for caat second, that there isn’t much thinking involved when watching this film because that is clearly out of the question. Chaoscammper uncredited Diane Michelle May 3, Rating: But honestly some of the stuff that happened in this film is extremely amusing and I think in this case, it’s amusing because it was over the top.

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Mary Jo Gornicke Hunter Parrish Do the Oscars Need a Host? Want to Make a Cult Classic? Robin Williams as Bob Munro.

Also the way he never allows the film to become overly sappy with family moments is also a nice touch. Erika-Shaye Gair as Cassie age 5.

The film is a good for what it is, and it’s lots of fun. Cassie age 5 as Erika-Shayne Gair. Also a very amusing appearance by Jeff Daniels was also a lot of fun; he really knows how to play those redneck characters.


A tremendously funny all-star cast is assembled by director Harold Ramis “Analyze This,” “Caddyshack” to populate “Club Paradise,” a free-wheeling Club Med-style resort where a sun-filled, fun-filled time is guaranteed for all.

Latest from the BFI Latest news, features and opinion. Become a BFI Champion. ProTools engineer Michael Dressel Sonnenfeld as Cjaoscamper B.

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Cheryl Hines who played Robin Williams wife Jamie was also good. Retrieved July 11, Looking forward to a big family vacation in Hawaii, they are forced to cancel the trip when Todd, out of spite, tells Bob that he has to attend a meeting with the Alpine Soda company in Boulder, Colorado instead, or else chaoscamoer will be fired.

Alexis Ferris as Billy Moiphine.

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Read research data and market intelligence. Bob Munro and his dysfunctional family rent an RV for a road trip to the Colorado Rockies, where they ultimately have to contend with a bizarre community of campers.

At a company picnic, Bob is embarrassed in front of his self-absorbed boss Todd Mallory Will Arnett cat Cassie’s militant friend Gretchen, casf hurls a bottle of slimy fat all over Todd for putting unhealthy drinks in schools.

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