Shivani says Raghu is taking her for a dinner date tonight. Raghu says he does not want to trouble her and wants to start a fresh with her. Karan says Raghu that Shivani has changed a lot from her childhood and it is because of him. Shivani comes him crying. Sumitra thinks these people traveled only in tempo, now they are dreaming about car. Baburam starts crying vigorously and says Raghu is no more. She asks Latha to keep away from her family. They both start searching Raghu.

Raghu says Shivani is his babyji and boss, he used to work in her house. Raghu says Shivani that he does not love her and all her words does not matter to him. About Me Krishna kk. Maya says if Shivani would have bailed Vivek, he would have come back by now, she will not forgive her. Shivani goes to terrace and starts crying. She goes in auto. Mahima gets happy and they both start celebrating. She says let her serve him as she understood how difficult it is to stay without him.

Shivani is shocked to hear that.

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se: Romance in Shivani and Raghu’s life?

Raghu slaps him and asks him how dare he came in front of him after killing a girl. Hate Baburam…… Plus Maya have the brains of Donkey shit….

Ginni thinks her heartbeat raises when she sees Karan and wants him as his future husband. He says eo is ashamed to call him his brother. Jazz comes and says Bela is right, in front of love, nothing can stay.


She tells her Baburam and Latha that Raghu came back and nothing happened to him. Sumitra happily ties taweez and says she feels helpless when she sees Shivani around him.

Baburam says it is our Raghu and he is dead. Jazz says he is inebriated and would not have accepted if he was sober that he tried to destroy his whole sister. Baburam scolds Shivani and says how dare she misbehave with her guest.

Baburam shouts and says she came without money, he had a big heart to accept her, else who will allow marriage without money. Shivani sees that and gets sad. She says she is looking at him. Raghu insists and she accepts money.

Shivani sees their names on bench and smiles. Sumitra asks him to eat. Shivani says she cannot spend so much.

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 17th April Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Shivani takes his blood and applies it as sindhoor. Shivani says she came to know that Raghu does not love her. Maya asks Vivek not to take tension. She checks for the keys and does not find them. Shivani drmaa what mistake she made now.

Nadheswaram 22nd April 2014 Full Episode

Nishi gives her a letter which reads my uncle is a murderer. Shivani asks him not to tell like that and asks how can he tell it to his wife. Shivani thanks him and goes there. Mahima tries to slap her, but Raghu holds her hand and says not to think of it again. She xo into his cabin and is shocked to see Sumitra already feeding him with her hands.


DO DIL BANDHE EK DORI SE by Radhika Chaturvedi on Prezi

Thursday, May 1, Latha gives her spoon. Shivani says she came to know that Raghu does not love her.

Bela says neighbor is right, you should follow the rituals. Shivani asks if he is calling her for a date dkri says when boyfriend and girlfriend go on a date, it is called date. Last updated Apr 2, Bela says he will come soon with a lot of sweets for you.

She says it must be having many games and functions. She gets happy that he is coming back.

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