I’ll be back for more! By chance, he comes across Du Ru Mi, a violinist, and a young cop who has the same name as his and discovers that even without formal training, the young Kang is a musical genius. November 10, at Here’s waiting for a recovery, too. There are a couple of racy scenes by Korean standards and more frank talks about sex in general. It helps in years where there are dips in business by covering expenses when things are tight, and brings more business by being part of a bigger parent company. Too cold, too cruel Gotta watch it later.

This drama was originally to star Kang Ji Hwan and had a totally different vibe filled with strong fantasy elements. I think you are doing fine with English. Anthony to me didn’t seem to fall in love. They really grow on each other and realize they’re in love when it’s “too late”. Is he too late? Their audience is very appreciative of this new kind of busking. Yeah I’m sorry too. So… Ru Mi jumps into the lake.

When I study this is bad: Most romantic comedies, not only Korean, have that kind of love development — hot feelings, going out of eposode mind over the other person. Great OST, OTP, costume, editing, cinematography, acting and chemistry between the OTP is off the charts… a must watch for anyone that loves a love story with some comedy, cuteness and even action thrown in.

He taught her in a round about way how to negotiate a better deal as a writer at the beginning of the drama, he would reread her scripts and know what parts where lacking, and he knew how to make a drama come to light.

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Gramps always has a trick up his sleeve! In the end, Ru Mi does agree to break it off, if only for his request to preserve his music. Oh yes, as wunderbar mentioned, here is the making of the movie watching scene. She looks up to see Kang arrive in a cab, and is about to smile at him when he comes and directly begins stomping on the basket. You make a really good point when you said that Anthony equated love or being in love with being weak, which might explain why he didn’t let himself experience it.


I’ve been planning ot go there. Lots of humor, low-brow and otherwise, and fun fights. I also had thought that the way Minah had dressed up for the fancy dinner and her being the connection to the company might have been a sneaky way of introducing Anthony to a family member of some kind.

I know the feeling. Why is a dinner some sort of ultimatum anyway?

Oh eoisode just made me sooo curious haha: No, the story is not complicated at all. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. Episode 5 by TeriYaki. Ivoire December 29, at 6: During the middle of the piece, Kim has another episode. Kang, however, refuses, especially because Jung Evilface is too controlling. She feels responsible for putting him through the hardships that led to who he is now.

And then he breaks viruus with her. A bad pun i would say. Then she proceeds to break through his Icy Exterior TM and analyses his tortured psyche to bits. Not only is she a good writer, but she is a good cook who can run a business her mom’s restaurant. I even said in an earlier recap that I didn’t believe that Anthony was necessarily in love with GE, when dgamacrazy people here were already talking about it.


Episode 16

And if all of that fails, there are hundreds of plastic surgery clinics to go to. In the end fell in love with the main hero, the coffee prince himself, but found the heroine a da bit annoying.

Scratch that, one of the greatest films ever made. Chickletta December 31, at Ru Mi sympathises after seeing Kim leave, as her condition is somewhat similar in the inevitability department. So, not much changes. Junior stays alone overnight at the warehouse, notating his new partitions. Basically KMM teases her again and again. But the one thing that really strikes me is the part when Anthony had to face the dilemma between his dream and the person he really cares about.

The poor epissode are stretched to the limit and try to play as low as possible. Of Anthony had really loved, he would have known this. It was episods an act. A random stranger runs over and jumps into the lake. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. This is Korea, where the preferred age gap is 4 years man older than a woman. She is partnered up with a hotheaded police officer Cha Gun Woo Taceyeon who falls in love with her. Besides, my man has a great taste in men: I would too, but why do that to the sweet concerned boy?

Seriously, am I only one noticing this?

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