Okay, this is very full. I didn’t invent the smiley face. And how long you been doing this television show? This grumpiness you have, it’s almost like a sickness, and I would suggest you get professional help. I don’t think I could start. Clear tonight with a low near– [Laughter] [TV shuts off] Hi, you have a dollar, please? Ooh, this is a sharp pant. I’ll wear ’em every day.

Yes, we were neighbors. That’s not– That’s close to model. You got to have a motorcycle if you got a motorcycle jacket. Okay, it was really nice to meet you. Yeah, but they’re kind of worth it. Do you have a– Oh, never mind. I’d like to call my first “witless” to the stand, Mr. I think you are gonna cry.

Epiwode you would rather have me have a motorcycle because it makes more sense with the jacket. God, she’s really beautiful. Mom, dad, I wanted to let you know that I’m a cool dresser. Hey, does anyone have a dollar? A person would be good.

It’d be like trying to teach a lizard how to cover a foo fighters song. We’ve got enough dollars to get ourselves a– money for beer Porrlandia got money for beer but what kind of use is a dollar my whole world got smaller By half. I’d like to call my first “witless” to the stand, Mr. Hey, can I have a dollar? He’s not used to it, ’cause he wants to go see Beethoven and classical music.


That’s the disease talking. We transform shops that are going nowhere. Pull that off, please. I missed everything you said because elisode got this, like, thing. You got to be sexy but cold at the same time.

Please state your full name for the court. His pupils are looking forward onto the stage. You’re gonna be The Dollar Girl. But I’m a very old man. Everywhere I go, people are like, “That is such a great hat.

If you would like to appeal this decision, come back to Portland. Dollar Store Stupid kids. This is anybody’s alley.

Long time no see, man. I’m prepared for a Prosecco at 5: Really get the term “copyright infringement” down. Sir, you wouldn’t know anything about this. Yeah, it’s good protective wear.

You need an ad campaign, right? Building A, fifth floor. Spyke, there are laws about this.

Portlandia – Early Onset Grumpiness

Hey, you seem like something’s the matter with you. I think portlndia are gonna cry. We’re all looking for the truth here. I don’t want to go away again. You have early onset grumpiness.


You’re going to be representing a brand. Groening were willing to draw you. Well, I thought to make up for it, it’d be really great if we went to, like, a music festival.

Your Honor, I’m innocent of all these charges of “copyright infridgement of duplicate imagery. She’s living the Dollar lifestyle. No, those are dangerous.

Portlandia: “Fashion” :: TV :: Reviews :: Portlandia :: Paste

Yeah, because he’s enjoying the music. She used to be very raw, you know? It was awful meeting you. All right, all right, all right. Then they’re gonna sue you. I do not have a problem, grjmpiness general, with bootleg Simpsons merchandise. Your Honor, there are no damages, really.

I’m not gonna beat it. But you didn’t invent Bart Ska-mpson, did ya? You bought me pogtlandia extra-large coat. This is what I’m meant to do.

I really missed you too. What is your name?

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