Retrieved from ” https: As Jean is working for Janine, Michael worries Janine will find out where his money is coming from and tries to convince Jean to leave her job as the investment will do well. She later departed again, with the character making her final appearance on 20 March In December , the show’s executive producer, Diederick Santer teased about upcoming storylines involving Janine and her flatmate Ryan Malloy Neil McDermott , saying: She convinces him to give her a day to get away, but Carol Jackson Lindsey Coulson finds David’s phone and plays the confession. Michael Moon will be an exciting character to play”. Janine discovers Lydia has left all her money to charity, but admits to Lydia she no longer cares during a heartfelt conversation.

Retrieved 17 February Desperate, Janine visits Stacey; she stabs herself to try to frame Stacey for her own attempted murder, but Stacey escapes the country before arrest. Archived from the original on 3 April Janine begins to doubt herself as a mother and decides to leave Michael and Scarlett. After Janine becomes pregnant with Michael’s child, their relationship has seemed to be smoother. Brooks departed on 7 May , but returned for a three episode guest stint in April , after which she agreed to return full-time, returning in December He then cons Jean Slater Gillian Wright out of her lottery winnings in order to pay for the wedding so Janine cannot make all the decisions.

Retrieved 31 August Retrieved 17 February Janine agrees on the condition that Kat provides her with a false witness testimony to Michael’s murder, backing up Janine’s story that Alice killed him. So I’m looking for any opportunity for her to seize her own power. Michael and Janine both try to grab the knife, but Janine gets it first and stabs Michael again, killing him. He persuades Jean to give him more money, promising he will invest it for her.

She accepts on the condition that he signs a prenuptial agreementwhich he does.

Janine kills Michael: Moon dies in Eastenders following knife struggle | Metro News

I feel very fortunate to be able to explore his darkness. Alice’s brother, Joey Branning David Wittsseduces a lonely Janine in a bid to extract the truth from her, but fails. James Argent James Argent grins as he is forced to move in with his MUM after Gemma Collins jwnine Arg was spotted grinning as he left his mum’s Essex home – despite being accused of sending Gemma Collins disgusting messages about her weight.


Terry sees Janine as a surrogate daughter but her constant manipulation tests his patience. Ryan understands her and knows why she does the things she does. Michael bonds with Scarlett and is a responsible father, hiring Alice Branning Jasmyn Banks as a babysitter. Michael repeatedly tells his father to leave Walford and to stay away from him.

Retrieved 31 March However, Alice believes she killed him. He is left bedridden esstenders manages to escape and ends their marriage publicly after being released from hospital.

He then cons Jean Slater Gillian Wright out of her lottery winnings in micharl to pay for the wedding so Janine cannot make all the decisions.

Murder Paranoid mum who shot daughters dead one by one ‘isn’t a monster’ says girls’ dad Brandon Rodery’s daughters Cassidy, 6, and Kyrie, 8, were killed alongside Alaina Rau, two, by mum Aubrianne Moore in Cedar Springs annd Michigan. Halloween Murder in EastEnders. David promises to keep her secret, but has secretly recorded the confession on his phone.

Mo Butcher Lydia Simmonds. Janine becomes a suspect for his murder, though she denies it and feigns distress over Archie’s death. Alice develops an attraction to Michael, and Janine returns several months later, saying she wants sole custody of Scarlett.

The character was first mentioned in Septemberwhen her father Frank Butcher Mike Reid first appeared on-screen. Michael is furious and tells Janine that she cannot hope to be a good mother to their baby. Sometimes that might be the smallest thing, like breaking into somebody’s house and searching.

Brooks has said about Janine’s behaviour: She manipulates Michael into giving her custody and refuses to let him see Scarlett. Michael then begins a plot to kill Janine, and involves Alice in his plans. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Although Michael leaves Walford when he is rejected by Kat, he returns to see his son, Tommy. Brooks then took a break inwith the character off-screen from September until April Michaeo convinces him to give her a day to get away, but Carol Jackson Lindsey Coulson finds David’s phone and plays the confession.


Shepherd told Buzz magazine that Michael has feelings for Kat but respects the fact she is married, though finds it hard to resist temptation. In Marchit was announced that Shepherd had decided to leave EastEnders after three years. Archived from the original michawl When Pat needs money to pay debts, Janine gives her a loan, insisting Pat use her house as collateral. Lots, lots more inplease!

EastEnders fans mourn Michael Moon after he’s knifed by Alice Branning and Janine Butcher

She killed three people during her time on the show, escaping conviction each time. Janine later begins to doubt Michael’s intent when he asks to be a signatory on the business accounts and buys a sports car, so orders Billy to change the combination on the office safe.

But he sees this as a chance to redeem himself. Barry eventually proposes to Janine and she accepts, thinking that Barry has a life-threatening heart murmur.

That’s a big thing – hiding under a table is a big thing! She is arrested by the police, charged with Laura’s murder and remanded in custody in May janone He takes Michael to meet Craig and Eddie reveals that Craig is his full brother, eaztenders he placed in a care home. Michael then moves in with Janine. Television watchdog Mediawatch UK claimed “the scenes were another example of the gradual erosion of standards of taste and decency”.

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