The Main LoL Subreddit: I dodge if enemy has Illaoi, and love it when they on my team even if they have zero games. Tahm kench, xin zhao, yasuo are people that I have also been banning. So far it’s Soraka, Irelia and Jax for me. At a certain point he essentially becomes a walking CC-ing hourglass for the enemy back line. Irelia Jax Mundo are my others.

She was a good ban before rageblade, but rageblade pushed her over the top. Jax is a must bann because of the same reason for Irelia. Irelia Jax Mundo are my others. Though at level 2 it’s not realistic that you’d be able to do it well, now that I think about it. Hwo do I deal with him? We did lose that game though. Soraka is a must ban because her nerf has not come this patch. Against a good Tahm the caries are stupidly safe why speed-up on eating allies is beyond me.

Then again im high plat, so people generally have mechanics at that level. Other noteworthy people to ban would be Annie, or Lux.

TOP Fiora stats – win rate, KDA, DPM, build, best players

Somewhere along that order. He’s getting a nice little nerf to his E. It’s all well and good to ban strong champions, but you have to remember to ban champions that people are playing. Except that he had the best winrate of all top laners throughout the whole season 5 except for like two or three times when top lane heimer had a higher one. Want to add to the discussion?


Last 100 games:

Both deal tons of damage on relatively simple and safe kits and many people can play them making them good even though they are not generally the strongest champions.

A fantastic ability would be one that’s well balanced, like Elise’s E. Yep banning maasteries game. By elaborate on it I mean explaining what makes her strong and ban worthy now, I assumed it was understandable enough. If so, try again later.

Most other champions are just annoying and swason solo carry. Problem isn’t really mechanics with Illaoi – you have to hit one skillshot like Blitz to get the voodoo doll, and the wall tentacles help you out during the fight.

What are the next 3? The site may be slow to work, or may be down occasionally. Mundo’s so OP right now that he can easily snowball games to victory by midgame. The statistics seaaon me out on this as well: If behind he is just kind of there not dying but not really doing anything.

If someone masteriees good at him, his ganks are strong and his clears are decent.

Made her pretty OP. Irelia Jax Mundo are my others.

Want to dive a carry? Site updates daily, so other than Illaoi not being on there yet, we stay up to date!

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Win win sseason my book. Yasuo because he is op with the new items and healing mastery on crits.

With two or three it’s getting quite ridiculous. Yeah she’s so much weaker that her winrate increased noticeably at most elos: I ban Tahm Kench as well because omfg is he annoying to deal with. Want to do literally anything? Her Q is fantastic the moment, even without 5.233 hitting a minion unto a champion.


The SS Wiki’s page attempts to compile just about every piece of content related to education possible, so if you have a question or you’re looking for something specific, it’s a great place to start. That was a mistake. Her teamfight presence is just too insane. With the added bonus range, that isn’t quite hard to do.

Anyone who is snowbally because those koreans really take advantage of it. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Her laning is still rough, though, but with the mxsteries build her all ins got a LOT stronger, and that only keeps being true later in the game.

Tahm Kench and Soraka are two must bans for me. I’ll also leave Illaoi open, firstly because if the enemy wants to ban her which they likely will then they’ve used a ban and not you.

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