She tries her best to keep a constant tight vigil on his whereabouts and also makes every possible attempt to keep him in good spirits. The seeds fail to germinate, due to the late arrival of the monsoons and this is the only time in the entire movie Kisna contemplates suicide, by consuming pesticide. Trivia Prashant Pethe , the film’s producer, who is also a merchant navy officer, had no money left for distributing the film after its completion. This genre has seldom been used in Indian cinema. Retrieved from ” https: As a viewer, I was left confused about the aim of the film. Guess, after winning some national awards it gets re-released in theatres.

The plot of the movie is based on simple aspirations, the undying urge in the human race to live and to live against all odds. The director literally holds up a mirror to the society, obviously without the gloss. With the unprecedented drought in Mahrashtra, we thought of reposting this as the subject is very relevant. Wealthy and influential Hindurao Dhonde Patil finds a homeless drunk, brings him home, looks after him, feeds him, finds a room for him, gets him employed, calls him Master, and even finds Here too the main protagonist farmer is reticent but his character is well-etched out. The way they try to keep Kisna in a positive mood especially the puran poli thing is brilliantly potrayed.

The Times of India.

Gabhricha Paus (The Damned Rain) Movie Review: Topnotch Cinema | mad about moviez

This for me is one of the best opening shots in Indian cinema for a long time. So we tend to like all things which are emotional. Such restraint and maturity in storytelling is rarely seen in all of Indian, let alone regional cinema. Vidharbha has been captured captivatingly. Notify me of new posts via email.


Mee Shivajiraje Bhosale Boltoy So while watching Peepli Live we just get to know the bullet points about how the high cost of farming, dependence on unreliable monsoon, corrupt administrators, political apathy, callous public and irresponsible media are driving the poor farmers first to unmanageable loans and then to suicides. Sonali Kulkarni delivers her career best performance.

It also allegorically tells about how lack of information and education amongst the farmers, can ruin them, despite their indefatigable spirit. Keshya, a simple villager believes that god has arrived in his village but everyone disbelieves him.

Kisna never gives up even till the end, where ill-advised, he naively tries to tap electric power from the high voltage Electric power transmission lines to power his water pump of the recently installed bore-well and loses his life by electrocution. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movei and TV shows on your phone or tablet! During these days, Alka tries her best by preparing Puran Poli amongst other myriad efforts to keep Kisna in good spirit.

I am no expert in cinema, but I found the treatment of such contemporary scenarios of Gabhricha Paus comparable to the Lives of Others. The director then shows extraordinary grip over the subject through his storytelling. I may be wrong but I think no other ethnicity in the whole world is as emotional as us.

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And so many memories of PFC attached to this movie. Edit Did You Know? The climax of the movie though kind of expected is still very chilling. Meanwhile, Kisna, with his indefatigable spirit, goes to a bank in the city, takes a loan and installs a bore-well in his farm, despite the perpetual pessimism of Patil. Here too the main protagonist farmer is reticent but gabhricna character is well-etched out.


Kisna, a farmer like many others is trying as hard as he can to work hard but so many things, including nature are stacked against him. Audible Download Audio Books. The farmer himself is portrayed as a silent, sad-face bystander, helplessly witnessing the great drama unfolding around him.

But not this film. The same thing can be said about all the peripheral characters as well. Gabhricha Paus Theatrical release poster. Written by Everest Entertainment.

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He practically knows it inside out. Retrieved 6 March Retrieved from ” https: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Video of the Day. Be it movies, tele-serials etc. Jyoti Subhash as Kisna’s mother. Use the HTML below. If anybody wishes to watch this movie, hopefully in a theatre or an original dvd, should stop reading this post right now as the plot has been given away. Mvie family members of the farmer contemplating suicide – whether it is his wife, mother, brother or children — are shown totally devoid of any kind of sympathy gabhrichaa empathy for him.

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