After killing a counselor of his clan, a fugitive samurai befriends a couple poaching the shogun’s gold in the mountains. Impoverished ronin Magobei Tatsuya Nakadai quit his official post over an unjust massacre in a northern coastal town years before. He realizes that Rokugo intends to steal more gold and slaughter more innocents. Add the first question. But with bitter resentments lingering on both sides, bloodshed is bound to begin anew. It was in Japanese, of course, but the evolution of the story was understood. After going to prison for killing the boss of the Kanno gang, a gangster gets released early – only to find that his ex-gang has merged with the Kannos.

After being ambushed, Magobei chooses to confront clan leader Rokugo Tatewaki, his evil brother-in-law, in person. Gosha’s work has a Western feel right down to a Morricone-esque score but nicely straddles the blazing action of Lone Wolf and Cub and the more subtle unfolding of Yojimbo. Its photography is expansive, its humour accessible, its action big and fast, and its final fight in the snow a real treat on the big screen. Hideo Gosha Kei Tasaka [1]. Anyway, about the film. Is a samurai’s duty first and foremost to his Lord, or is his duty to do what is right?

Edit Storyline Tatsuya Nakadai plays a samurai who is an eyewitness to a massacre of a small village by men of his goyokim clan. Is it our moral obligation to do what is right for the greater good?

Magobei Wakizaka is a samurai for the Sabai clan. Already have a TCM Profile? The story was unique and its presentation was gorgeous.

The untamed winter landscapes, wild sea, heavy subtjtles, dirty mud and roaring mountains are captured with immaculate beauty goyooin used incredibly effective in order to create a heavy atmosphere.

Still, this is worth seeing on as big a screen as possible if the opportunity presents itself rare apparently due to some 169 issues involving Tom Laughlin, who purchased the film outright in order to remake it as The Master Gunfighter. Gosha presents both views in the form of two samurai, Tatewaki and Magobei, best friends since childhood and now brothers-in law. But from these invisible forces surface a real crisis of anxiety and greed. Tales of Genji Kuro 1 – Remastered. A slow burning, tense samurai drama centering around a reclusive ronin who sets out to fo what is right and stop the inhumane butchering of villagers commited by members of his former clan.


A yakuza melodrama, covering decades in the lives of Boss Onimasa, his adopted daughter Matsue, and his biological daughter Hanako.

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Works of A Fish Man – Remastered. Yes No Report this.

A charismatic ronin gets snared into a conflict between officials at a waystation, and gains the enmity of a group of thugs. Castle Of Handsome Men – Remastered. Edit Cast Subritles overview, first billed only: Goyokin was released as a roadshow theatrical release in Japan on 1 May where it was distributed by Toho.

However, three years later, assassins sent by Rokugo’s retainer, Kunai, come for Magobei, who is living in Edo. The violence level is still contained to a few brief outbursts here and there, with a showstopper finale offering one of the decade’s best samurai showdowns albeit one that only plays to full strength with the potent emotional buildup before it. Yataro Tanigawa, a one-eyed hired assassin, impresses yakuza boss Gomyo Kiyoemon with his skill. Or, use your email account: User Reviews I saw this awesome film as an American in Japan in !

Goyokin is a hauntingly beautiful story of a samurai who turns into a drunk, subtitle ronin after taking part in a slaughter. You goyoin receive an email shortly to confirm your email address. Gosha’s gyookin has a Western feel right down to a Morricone-esque score but nicely straddles the blazing action of Lone Wolf and Cub and the more subtle unfolding of Yojimbo. Impoverished ronin Magobei Tatsuya Sbutitles quit his official post over an unjust massacre in a northern coastal town years before.

Hideo Gosha Kei Tasaka [1]. However, Magobei’s clan master, Rokugo Tatewaki, takes the gold subtitlex slaughters the fishermen so they cannot report the gold stolen. Add the first question. The mother of a feudal lord’s only heir is kidnapped away from her husband by the lord.

Goylkin my taste, the incessant violence was a little much Subtitlws recovering the gold, Rokugo intends to slaughter the peasants who help him in this endeavor. Goyokin has a pretty great cast all round, with Nakadai joined by Tetsuro Tamba, Kunie Tanaka, and the stunningly beautiful Ruriko Asaoka! And the man is still alive, maybe not kicking, but apparently he is in a film which is truly amazing.

A nearby island, Sadoboasts a rich gold mine which provides voyokin riches [2] for the Tokugawa clan. To mention just a tiny few: He even is in Seven Samurai! If it hadn’t been for the pacing issues and the aggravating narrative structure with voice-overs, flashbacks and a tedious middle, ‘Goyokin’ might have become a new favorite.


Revenge – Remastered. When one of the gold ships sink, the local fishermen recover some of the gold, intending to return it to the Tokugawa clan.

Sprawling in scale with a touch of The Outlaw Jose Wales about it, Goyokin tells the story of a Samurai seeking redemption after being part of a massacre designed to mask the theft of gold. Studio Toho Company, Ltd.

Goyokin () Hideo Gosha, Tatsuya Nakadai, Tetsurô Tanba, Yôko Tsukasa | RareFilm

Not only does the photography serve as a strong backdrop, but it also brings life to the film as the nature affects the samurais as they wage combat or try to find footing through the snow. The Toho Studios Story: Even though he did not participate, and subtitlse his best to prevent it, he realizes with guilt that he had been manipulated to enable the massacre. He then tries to find out why the men are being targeted in the first place.

The film was so well done, and beyond what I was used to as an American watching Japanese movies in Japan.

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There were no subtitles The Sword of Doom A samurai film with political sensibilities straight out of the radicalized s, Goyokin forms something of a loose trilogy for skilled but not exceptional director Hideo Gosha along with his Sword of the Beast and his debut, Three Outlaw Samurai. This page was last edited on 5 Septemberat Subtitle both absolutely legendary of course, and more than enough of a reason to goyokinn anything they’re in.

As he travels to the Sabai territory he acquires three less than desirable comrades whose pasts all strangely intertwine. Filled with sorrow, regret and visions of death, it presents a neurotic ronin played by the charismatic Tatsuya Nakadai who, in the times of what looks like the final corruption of the samurai ethic, dreams of being a decent human being.

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