Zack has an argument with his mom, so the Ham-Hams go on a trip to Trotting Mountain to find a gift for him. The Ham-Hams come to the rescue and try to fix the flowerpot before the principal notices, but before they have time to finish, the principal returns! They eventually work together and knit Pashmina a cap and matching pair of gloves. Boss wants to see Bijou at the Ham-Ham Clubhouse. Eventually, Laura and Kana find the cats and fawn over the kittens, allowing the Ham-Hams to escape. After Laura tells Hamtaro about an earthquake and a fire drill, the Ham-Hams decide to practice for one.

However, Hamtaro thinks that she’ll be leaving on a star to make her wish. In Singapore, Hamtaro DVD box sets are available with 4 discs of the first season 26 episodes with six episodes on each disc. Maria writes a letter to her grandmother, and Hamtaro and Bijou help Maria to get her letter to her grandmother. Boss can’t find Snoozer, so the Ham-Hams help him search. This page was last edited on 4 February , at So the Ham-Hams try to help give Mimi a Christmas party. The Ham-Hams are also sad and enlist Elder-Ham’s help in the search.

Sandy however, rebukes Stan for his flirtatious behavior.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Laura’s parents start to argue.

Cappy takes Bijou’s ribbon for a game of “Blind Spisode Bluff”. Barentain Choko ” Japanese: Boss is upset that he was such a coward, and he runs out of the clubhouse.

There are also boxed sets of 27 episodes with six to seven episodes on each of four discs. Yoshi is hesitant to propose marriage to Charlotte, so the Ham-Hams do what they can to help him propose.


The Ham-Hams try to help Penelope out of her disappointment and bring her to Ethan’s 322, where surprising news awaits the anxious and unsuspecting Penelope.

Roberto’s Ally (2003) Episode 232- Tottoko Hamtaro Cartoon Episode Guide

Hamtaro and Laura dream about being a princess and a knight in a fairy tale. Kana says jokingly to Laura that if you wish on a star at the same time as someone else, the two of you will fall in love!

They even gave Maria’s dog, Lily, some. She happens to be a celebrity singer named Glitter and she’s anything but nice when she tries to steal Laura’s crush Travis away from her.

Without Boss, is this the end of the Clubhouse? Snoozer is having a nightmare!

The Ham-Hams meet Marron, a friend of Tomy-T and Eggy-P, and she tells them that the vegetable orchard will be in trouble because of a coming typhoon. Kai Jiken ” Japanese: To the other Ham-Hams’ great bewilderment, however, there seem to be two Cappies calling “I’m ready! While the Ham-Hams fly them, Stan hamtago about Hamtaro’s kite flying closer to Bijou’s, making Boss jealous, and Howdy and Dexter fight to have their kites next to Pashmina’s.

But meanwhile, Stan declines to go outside and while he stays in, the Chickies break into the clubhouse. After Laura’s grandfather’s invention puts Hamtaro in trouble, Laura runs away from home. However, the Rainbow Girls will not allow this and pursue the Ham-Hams.

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Yume No Yuuenchi epiwode Japanese: Zack and his Mom” Transcription: When Bijou catches a cold, Maria, Laura, and Kana visit the local animal hospital for help. But Marron has some tricks up her sleeve Lapis is mad at her sister Lazuli after she messes up their room, and Stan wants a date with Lapis.


Boss becomes Hero-Ham, a mysterious hero, and no one seems to know it’s him. The Ham-Hams find a pair of glasses and attempt to bring them to Laura’s father, but after the glasses are destroyed beyond repair, they turn hamraro to be the wrong pair. Hamuhamu Tankentai ” Japanese: Ten no Kawa ” Japanese: Laura and Hamtaro visit their old hometown, and see Laura’s old friend Claire.

She promises to never leave epispde home again, meaning she cannot see her friends ever again.

tottoko hamtaro episode

Mystery tells Boss’s fortune – that he is close to girls; Bijou, Pashmina, Penelope, Lapis, Lazuli and Okini, but he finds out that he is close to his friends and not just girls specifically. Otome’s crew continues to idol Hero-Ham, still not knowing it’s Boss, and they keep Lapis up all night with the noise from their building tributes to Hero-Ham and statues of who he’s defeated the Three Crow Ladies from and the Muha-Muha Alien, who was also Boss epizode disguise, from episode At the same time, Laura decides to visit Maria out of concern.

The Ham-Hams learn from Maxwell that on the night of the festival, flowers fireworks will appear in the sky.

The Ham-Hams explore in a cave, but Sandy goes missing!

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