He looks up to see her smile, which makes his heart thump even louder and he works out even harder. How dare he try to tell her what to do?!?! Tae-joon places a replacement to the moisturizer that broke earlier with a smile. Gummi’s little bird is right about the obvious solution; they put too much emphasis on it that it’s lost its impact. No matter the differences the base foundation of the storyline is pretty much kept the same, even if there’s more or less of the characters introduced. Thanks for the recap gummi! My hero My boss I like the Japanese version better I watched them both but I think it’s just what you prefer!

Tae Joon working out to relieve his sexual frustrations was hilarious. All you Minho lovers, ha! I watch this one several times Nakatsu finds out Mizuki is a girl! We were right around the point where angst is introduced to keep our main couple apart but really the only thing barring them is each other. The crew arrives in the countryside and Eun-gyul and Jae-hee hang back from the pack.

She shrugs it off and then Seung-ri awkwardly switches back into jondae. P – A part of me is wishing that once Jae-Hee finds out Tae-joon knew all along she was girl, she would be angry with him.

Hanna takes them at face value and agrees to keep her secret from the school. I find Krystal also unsuitable because I cringe when I imagine her doing all those feminine stuff and her tripping and falling all limi time.

Where can I find Hana Kimi episodes 12 and 13 for the japan drama? | Yahoo Respostas

I really liked this episode. So busy in his singinv career: You are commenting using your WordPress. Or rather Dokko Jin, which cracks me up.

Uh, did you just tell your hot roommate not to take off his shirt?


That’s a great time to say, “Hey, by the way, I knew you were a girl all this time and I have a crush on you! I’m still watching, though, only because I a MinSul shipper and nothing would make me squeal in glee dramadrazy than to see those two get together in real life and populate the earth with cute, cute idol babies, but fpisode not, at least they had their time on this show together.

Rody reviews jdramas / #3 “Hana Kimi”

I don’t usually root for the second lead, like rarely, but I don’t really have much of haha choice here. He then laughs when she tells him to stay at a safe distance. The truth of the matter is that Kyoko is just unlucky in love. It didn’t seem likely. Her outfits are so ill-fitting and uncoordinated, esp. I don’t like being manipulated, writers.

Hana Kimi Episode 12 – 花樣少年少女 – Watch Full Episodes Free – Taiwan – TV Shows – Rakuten Viki

You can say it’s good she’s not stick-thin like other actresses, but what I’m saying is that with her built, it’s so clear that she’s a girl – from her hips and thighs to her chest area. Honestly, now that I’ve seen Sulli continually struggle to convey any sense of Jae-hee’s psychology largely the fault of the writing to be sure, but she hasn’t really done anything interesting with this characterI’m wondering if maybe that clip I watched of Sulli in Punch Lady as a child actress, which initially made me excited to see how she’d fare, had less to do with her being a talented actress and more to do with the pleasant surprise of seeing dramacrazu play against type against that sugary sweet, doll-like, aegyo-y image she has.

Lemme clarify that I don’t hate Sulli. I am throwing all the nonsense aside and enjoying the show: One thing I’m ashamed of is my reaction to TJ’s hand-on-the-door-to-stop-her and his urging not to leave etc. Mama J September 24, at 1: I’m shallow; Darmacrazy like the cute.


Other than that, I think she’ll get better with more acting experience, although maybe not before this show ends. I’m so on it!!! Ken, is obstinate and unskilled in love, but he fell yana ago for the lively and cheerful, Rei.

Plus he talks a bit like Cha Seung-won. Very romantic and you episod also epissode out loud. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna.

I have no plans to watch this drama but I always wait for the recaps. While he struggles with his feelings for Yui, Manato begins to receive blue love letters in his shoe locker at school. Not sure if we can blame the actress or not. Come to think of it, they should just have an invisible person episoed JH, maybe wearing a ball cap so we know where she is on screen. Coach is a cutie I agree! I hope he does Get it the simply life Oh, not in my lifetime you say?

One of my favorite. I couldn’t have said it better myself: Tell us why she should stay by hhana side, Tae-joon. Mama J September 24, at 9: Coach Baek tags along as well. Minea September 24, at 9: Yah I read up on him I’ve been following his music for a couple years

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