In fact, on the web site they state: I took it back very quickly!! Sign in to add this video to a playlist. Clean and lubricate Rubik’s Cube puzzles HowTo: Needless to say this will get you and me! Brian’s Damn Puzzle Blog. Veritasium 4,, views New.

The pieces look like this: Cast Enigma This review is the last of the current batch of Hanayama cast puzzles from Puzzle Master. New blog 2 days ago. Separating the final 2 pieces can be done in 2 ways. Neil’s Puzzle Building Blog. Published on Mar 15, Puzzle guy 1,, views.

Neil’s Puzzle Building Blog. You can check it out mypuzzles. Having watched quite a lot of friends try, it may be sklution I just got lucky.

Puzzle Solution for Cast Enigma – Metal

Newer Post Older Post Home. Clean and lubricate Rubik’s Cube puzzles HowTo: At close inspection, it’s easy to see which piece is the key to solve this challenging puzzle, as it’s the only one that has a small path to let the other two pieces slide from one end to the other. It was designed in the early s by Eldon Vaughn enigms slightly modified for the Hanayama version to improve the solvability.

Oli’s Mechanical Puzzle Blog. The key word is ‘Twist’. Hanayama rate it as a 6 out hanaayma 6 in difficulty and Puzzle Master rate it as 10 out of 10 “Mind Boggling”.


I had to resort to a video showing its reassembly and be done with it. On one hand, there’s this harmony between the parts that almost feels poetic – The design is indeed a masterpiece.

Remember cardinal law number 4b of puzzle solving – ” Thou shalt remember how thou achieved it “? This is the Enigmaa Enigma – I chose it for its combination of swirling metal good looks and its difficulty.

This feature is not available right now. Let alone something a year solutioon. Needless to say this will get you and me!

This Cast Enigma puzzle from Hanayama provides a difficult solution, and has a 6 out of 6 difficulty rating. In a couple of times I was able to do the “brilliant” job of getting the pieces to become so entangled, to the point they were completely stuck.

This video is unavailable.

The solution is, as usual, not supplied with the puzzle but if you need it you might!!! Bobby Fischer’s move brilliancy – Duration: About Me Gabriel I’m 35 and currently live in Portugal.

I don’t include all you puzzle nuts out there reading this blog in this statement – I would EXPECT you to get this with minimal hesitation! Now all I had to do was separating the other two pieces.


PuzzleMad: Hanayama Cast Enigma

Vicky’s Blog Recommended for you. We have made a new version maintaining the difficulty of the original and licensed it for the cast Cast Puzzle series.

The interactive transcript could not be loaded. Solve a 6x6x6 V-Cube 6 puzzle How To: Unfortunately, this first Aha! Riviera 3 days ago.

Disassemble and reassemble the 5×5 Rubik’s Hxnayama puzzle How To: I infected him with the puzzle habit and he is driving his family nuts and spending more money than he should on puzzles. Brian reviewed it here.

Gabriel Fernandes’ Puzzle Collection: Cast Enigma (巻)

Very tough yet satisfying to solve, not as attractive as some but really great. The solution to the ever so difficult cast enigma puzzle.

Make your rubik’s cube faster and smoother How To:

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