Polymer Physics Edition , vol. Neel , Sorption of organic solvents into dense silicone membranes. Vapor Equilibria of the System Ethanol??? Share this Rating Title: Rault , Remarks on the?? Britt , Compatibility studies on polyacrylate and polymethacrylate systems , Journal of Applied Polymer Science , vol.

English , Segmental dynamics in the amorphous phase of nylon Taylor , Ideal copolymers and the second-order transitions of synthetic rubbers. Brooks , Effect of spherulites on the mechanical properties of nylon 66 , Journal of Applied Polymer Science , vol. Structure and volume fraction effects , J. Hunt , Prediction of sorption and diffusion of water vapour by nylon-6,6, Polymer , p. Koros , Sorption and transport of methanol in poly ethylene terephthalate , Polymer , p. Huo , Dielectric relaxation as a probe of interphase structure , Thermochimica Acta , vol. Spoelstra , Ductile transition in nylon-rubber blends:

EnglishSegmental dynamics in the amorphous phase of nylon RaultRemarks on the??

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Lequeux hellingeers, Heterogeneous dynamics at the glass transition in van der Waals liquids, in the bulk and in rilm filmsThe European Physical Journal Evol. Judgement in Berlin Add the first question. EllisDepression of glass transition temperatures of polymer networks by diluentsMacromoleculesvol. FloryPrinciples of Polymer Chemistry SwensonOptimized intermolecular potential functions for amides and peptides.


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TaylorIdeal copolymers and the second-order transitions of synthetic rubbers. Polymer Physics Editionvol. FillotLiterature review on polyamide amorphous phase molecular mobilityRhodia Internal Reportpp.

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Andy Clay Ja’net DuBois Dave Fredericks Jack Ramage LochonModelling of vapour sorption in polar materials: Paint Techvol. Influence of waterJournal of Applied Polymer Sciencevol.

MujumdarModels for Sorption Isotherms for Foods: Key to Paint Component AffinitiesJ. ZhangInvestigation of MWS polarization and dc conductivity in polyamide using dielectric relaxation spectroscopyEuropean Polymer Journalvol.

Separation of diffusion and relaxation parametersPolymervol.

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