Noble Prize for peace. The number flows as following. Actually, that’s exactly what makes it an enriched language”. Electronic chess games also appeared in the mid seventies, but the game that first captured the public’s imagination in the UK was the Adman Grandstand. Tea bags were new in the 70s. This was a northern splinter group off the Royal Canoe Club based on the Thames, and in the club was allowed to erect its own clubhouse just north of the keeper’s house.

Saeed Farani – August 23, E-mail: I can’t blame them for looking out for their interests. The real motiviation behind elite’s dividing people on the basis of this and that is always the bigger piece of pie. If Punjabis were literate in their own very progressive literature, it could have gone a long way in developing a more enlightened Punjabi mind than we observe today. I have been in States for over a decade but to this day I can’t enjoy or even understand the English music. The mushkil pasandi is not liked and generally not practiced. In there was a rash of new models:

The last paragraph of yours is in conformation with my argument that majority of Pakistan excepting DPs have no love lost for India.

nice hindko drama.

And, yes she is a female than a male something that you think of all who interact on a discussion board. I hope you interact more often.

I have eaten meals many times at the homes of very rich Punjabis in small towns and villages.

At the same time, Dramma am of the opinion that Punjabi was never in the backwaters of Gul-o-bulbul and ah-o-fighan that Mohammad Hussian Kyurak and Hali had to struggle so hard to pull Urdu out of. Rosh Hashanah meals usually include apples and honey, to symbolize a sweet new year.

To make the lift ascend, water was pumped using an electrically driven pump from the accumulators to the two rams. I will have to sit there and give the respect by listening to verse by verse and contemplating. Moizullah Tariq Malik – August 24, E-mail: The 70s also saw a greater proportion of hinrko cars on the road.

The Mishnah contains the second known reference to Rosh Hashanah as the “day of judgment”. It starred in in the s’ revival comedy, ‘The Grimleys’ as Shane Titley’s car.


The Hoylake boat could be launched conveniently only at high water from the mainland, horse-drawn from the boathouse on a carriage, but the Hilbre boat could be launched directly into deep water at low tide down a choice of two tramways off the northern tip of the island. Please do include which areas did you visit to get the facts hijdko figures. By you could choose from,and cc models.

Gursharan Singh – August 20, E-mail: The Basant, RakhRi, marriage, death and child birth customs are our common cultural heritage. Nobody in Punjab will appreciate poems that nobody or few can understand. Models with a separate convection heating element were even more expensive. The intellectual view is that we should not indulge in such “low level contraversies.

If you need anything else just write me. How can you say, “. It may come to many as surprise that the most famous piece of literature by a Pakistani writer in was an English novel, “Mothsmoke” by an expatriate Lahori, Hamid Mohsin, that made headlines in the literary world. The site really has quite a collection of all the Pinds in Punjab. Since the two places have been under one council and, although there are still two separate centres, the area between is largely built up, albeit bordering on woodland and open fields.

The fact that Sariaki, Pothohari, Hindko etc. Cities such as ‘Chicha Watani’ and ‘Rasulpur’ determine its southern boundary. Could you please translate into intellectual Urdu my creation of idiom, “tut paiNey baddla” – from a very poor and practically illiterate in Punjabi. It is also common to eat stuffed vegetables called legumbres yaprakes.

Little is known about Hilbre in the distant past. The scroll at the bottom contains the national motto in Urdu, coined by Muhammad Ali Jinnah, which reads from right to left: Saeed ji, The question of Punjabi is two fold in my view.

On the second night, new fruits are served to warrant inclusion of the shehecheyanu blessing. Kamdeshi, Kamik, Lamertiviri, Shekhani. For real authenticity, source the genuine article from the 70s on eBay. In our neighborhood, China faced even a bigger dilemma where Chinese language had a very large number of varieties and dialects. In aroundwere sold, which was three times as many as in Its older name was Lang Holme, and years ago it was the centre of the manor of Windermere and later, in effect, of a moiety of the barony of Kendal.


However, where the Cortina emphasised size and width, the Allegro was rounded and dumpy. I personally think Urdu and Persian are beautiful languages. Koi driving licence number? I saw this very interesting site online and thought that I should share it with you all.

Oh how times have changed. Oxford University physicist, Professor Nicholas Kurti gave a dramatic demonstration of microwave cooking with his reverse baked Alaska, or frozen Florida, which had ice cream on the outside and hot filling on the inside.


Fight should be done at both levels. Punjabi magazines and newspapers do not get government advertisements which is the biggest source of income for newspapers.

Imran, it is very strong group of rascals or badmaash who don’t have any love for the land or people but they just love their own interests.

This is an appeal to sewaks of Punjabi. That is very naive or mischieveous definition. Technology, Fashion and Toys played an increasingly important part in people’s lives in the 70s.

The surge in Punjabi language activism is not bad for Pakistan and I grant you that it will lower the importance of Urdu language. During the last years, Punjab was not part of any Indian Empire for about years and during the last years, for almost years, the aresa of current Punjab was again not part of any larger subcontinent empire.

Central Balochistan, in Kalat and Mastung.

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Tommorrow dram the anniversary of Nusrat saab’s departure from this world and I am planning on making tommorrow’s programme a tribute to him. How does it know in which direction to walk? The flag comprises a dark green field representing Muslim majority of the country with a vertical white stripe in the hoist left side representing non-Muslim minorities.

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