Related stories by this author. However, these two aspects show the real struggle in the personal affairs even in the midst of saving country. Under the false impression that Peter Quinn and the CIA are surrounding the house, she goes a step further: Written by KGF Vissers. When Mira begged Saul to make a decision earlier this season, he did so by giving the green light for Operation Tin Man. As the police found his family’s And no, the episode wasn’t perfect. Use the HTML below.

Nicholas Brody credit only Rupert Friend For much of the first two seasons Chris was a wimpy presence in the shadows of practically every scene in the Brodys’ kitchen; for a while there it seemed like his sole function in life was to unstack the dishwasher. Edit Cast Episode cast overview, first billed only: I can’t imagine what you all are going through. He and Lockhart circle-jerk over the vision of resurrecting the CIA into the fear-inducing organization it used to be. It’s far too easy for Dana to trample all over her mother at this point, though we do admit getting a bit teary-eyed at their farewell.

Under the false impression that Peter Quinn and the CIA are surrounding the house, she goes a step further: And who’s the daddy?

Brody’s going cold-turkey no methadone after his heroine binge in Caracas, recovering in a spec-ops-operated Virginia military facility. Fara Sherazi Shaun Toub We began tonight’s episode with Carrie’s interrogation by Javadi and like a jittery Jeremy Kyle guest she fails the polygraph miserably.

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No more Sergeant Brodys, no more Carrie Mathisons”. Share your predictions below.


Homeland recap: ‘Still Positive’

Views Read Edit View history. And how often do we get cool montages? Whoever the baby belongs to, the timing is poor. For a single episode, it was a lot to pack in: Just where Dar Adal’s loyalties lie, we can’t be too sure, but Lockhart mutters some pretty ominous things about no more surprises, meaning no more Brodys, no more Elisode and and no more Carries. Peter Quinn Morena Baccarin Javadi can see that Carrie is lying.

Homeland recap: season three, episode six – Still Positive

Essentially the whole flowery backstory serves to inform us that Javadi’s capturing is more than Saul doing his day job, but a legitimation of his work at the CIA for the past three decades.

But amidst all this television glory there is that peculiar stain that just doesn’t feel right Can the reveal of the baby’s paternity please be documented in a “Maury” type talk show “Sergeant Brody All we know for certain is that Saul is spiraling into the most fascinating character on the show. Jessica Morena BaccarinDana’s mother, becomes intrigued by wpisode idea.

The producers seem to be adamant in adjusting viewers’ expectations for a lack of Brody, maybe preparing us for his character’s exit? An extension of his temporary directorial position. What does Saul request after confronting a pale-faced Lockhart?

I should have stoned her to death, but you didn’t give me enough time. Related stories by this author. Why is Farrah being included in these covert operations? Dar Adal Mandy Patinkin Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! While Saul asserted earlier in this episode that this is not a mission of vengeance, it is most definitely driven in part by guilt for the four dead agents.


‘Homeland’ Season 3 Episode 9 Recap: ‘One Last Time’ is the Best Episode This Season

Let’s put aside the over-exhaustive question of who’s baby is it anyway the writers are going to try and throw us off either way and focus on several other vital inquiries: Episodes Watched from The only option he has is to meet with Saul.

Season 3 Episode 7. Should hoomeland tip with cash or a credit card? Hand this man’s nostrils an Emmy. No matter where she goes, it seems she is a prisoner to the identity her father’s homelandd murderousness has foisted upon her.

‘Homeland’ Recap, Season 3, Episode 6: Way To Drop A Bomb On Us, Carrie | HuffPost

When Saul realizes where Hojeland is going, he immediately sends Carrie and Quinn there to intercept him. She adds that they’re aware of Javadi’s embezzling of government funds and can make him an enemy of the state in Iran.

Breaking Javadi’s nose in the interrogation room, Saul raises serious doubts whether this mission really isn’t about vengeance. Carrie Mathison and company have always sneaky secrets tucked up their sleeves, but the revelation that Carrie is pregnant is a curveball anticipated by no one.

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