Arnav soon realises that Khushi is missing and sets out to search her. Manorama reports this suspicious behaviour to Anjali. Bubbly hides inside it to get Payal into trouble. Payal thinks that Khushi should go back to Lucknow. Meanwhile, Nani is unhappy to see Lavanya come home. He learns about their poor financial condition, and plans to help them. Payal tries to hide Akash from Madhumati while he is stuck to a chair. She asks him to clear the air with Arnav.

Lavanya is shocked when Nani asks her to prepare dinner. Arnav is not happy to do a puja, despite Anjali asking him to do it. Anjali is upset with Arnav, who leaves house feeling guilty. He saves her from falling into the pool. He asks Khushi for her driving licence. He accuses Khushi of immorality.

Arnav scolds Lavanya and Khushi, and makes it clear that he does not want to get married.

Arnav asks her to keep quiet lest she wake up the entire family. The couple’s performance leaves everyone speechless. Anjali tells Arnav that Lavanya has sent him a bouquet. Bubbly confesses to Akash about her misdeeds before returning to boarding school. Meanwhile, Khushi keeps irritating Arnav to force him to send her home.

Arnav accuses Khushi of deliberately disrupting the show.

While Arnav regrets his behaviour towards Khushi, Shashi threatens to expose Shyam in front of his family. Nani refuses to play Holi because of Arnav and Khushi’s sudden marriage.


Suryaputra Karn Episode 189 – 27th January 2016

Payal shares her ideas for the fancy dress competition with Manorama. Lavanya is shocked when Nani asks her to prepare dinner.

Khushi questions their miserable marriage, but he asks her to wait for the answer. Arnav and Lavanya are amazed. She asks him to stop bothering Khushi. Arnav threatens to leave Raizada’s house with Khushi if his family does not accept their marriage.

Even as Lavanya ridicules Khushi for doing so, Akash supports her. Later, Shyam offers help with isss money to be paid to Anjali. Meanwhile, Arnav decides to tell Anjali the truth about Shyam and Khushi. Nani threatens to break all ties with the Raizada family and forces Manorama to accept Payal as her daughter-in-law.

But he pretends to be sick. She goes back to get the same. Khushi assures Payal that Arnav will convince his parents.

What Name Shall I Give This Love? All Episodes –

Anjali welcomes Arnav and Khushi while Manorama and Shyam fume in anger. Will she see Shyam? Arnav is shocked to see Khushi in Delhi.

Later, Akash asks Payal to meet him for the last time. Madhumati pulls out her wedding dress for Khushi. Next morning, Khushi challenges Arnav to lift weights in front of the neighbours. Later in the day, Khushi gets upset when her friends ask about her wedding day and she lies about it.


Nani gifts honeymoon tickets to the newly married couples

Anjali informs him that she has invited them for pooja. Khushi and Payal are happy to find Shyam in the city.

Meanwhile, Shyam misbehaves with Khushi. During Payal and Manorama’s play, Payal falters and spoils their act. Later, Khushi learns that Arnav saved the wedding. Later, Madhumati tells her parents about Shyam. Manorama demands to get her mehendi done first.

Payal and Khushi worry when they fail to get orders, but are delighted when they get to deliver sweets to a high profile party. He accuses Khushi of immorality.

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