I made the switch from Rolex to other brands over the last year. He is more likely to buy a British estate than a mansion in Miami. IWC also goes way back and makes some great watches! The second is the fact that this watch was released in , and JLC could make an improved version in a couple of years that would make me feel I made the wrong decision. In its place stood a company that seemed at times more like a luxury hotel chain than a watch manufacturer. Consider all respect lost.

Play hard to get and treat your flagship pieces with dignity. Congrats on your new purchase! I think I’ll keep my vintage radial-dialed , but for modern watches there are so many other wonderful brands out there. The stick seem off as well I have a soft spot for the Aquatimer and some of the Da Vinci pieces too. Most companies have contractors to supply at least some movement parts — most often the balance, balance spring, escapement, jewels, screws, and mainspring. The watches were very often photographed on their side, like a faithful tool at rest.

Cartier watches are decadent without being gaudy and manage to be luxurious even though one of their most famous timepieces, the Santos de Cartier, is a tank-style watch, which eventually became one of the ic enduring watch icons in the world.

A lot of their beautiful dialed watches are 44mm potofino My experience with Rolex is that if you get one, you have to be prepared to wear it for a while before it stops feeling like a Rolex, and starts feeling like your Rolex.

The rose gold and brown alligator leather tones come together to create a flow from dark to light. For now, let the Watch Snob reign. In a world of stuffy, erudite luxury watchmakers, your brand stood out as sleek, sturdy, and supremely confident. Being a young brand, Roger Dubuis has some maturing to do.

The roman numerals give a more elegant feel while the 15 minute Arabic numerals make it easier to tell the time.

But recently I came across a video of it and I just find it immensely beautiful. On the one hand, it wants to be taken seriously and indeed has put out some fine innovations and movements, such as its eight-day hand-woundits Pellaton auto-winding system and the chronograph calibre. I have a soft spot for the Aquatimer and some of the Da Vinci pieces too. Congrats on your new purchase! If i ever buy an IWC this will be it. IWC makes some great watches, but I’ll leave to others the religious discussion on how it compares to Rolex.


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The case finishing on my Mark XVI is what sold me on the watch. He is more likely to buy a British estate than a mansion in Miami. Chronogrzph above, in forever untrendy Microsoft “impact” font, a fearless and playful devil-may-care tagline. Lwc should have been taken with an SLR and tripod.

Got a question for the Watch Snob? John Mayer January 16, Did the watch come from a legitimate source? The blue dial color contrasts nicely with the stainless steel case and band. I love its history, and I love its potential future. I agree with Pat though, their watches are just WAY too big. I made the switch from Rolex to other brands over the last year.

Jaeger LeCoultre Watches Are Superior: Watch Snob

Watch Snob Print Watch Snob. This whole “must be in-house movement” idea is silly. A man who wears an IWC is not only confident in who he is, but he also has nothing to wnob in the way of datch. Compared to the JLC, this one would be more expensive not a big difference though and it has no date, but it has a much better bracelet and it will certainly keep more value than the JLC if I decide to sell it in the future of course that is not my idea, but who knows.

And let authenticity be your best publicity; for all the highfalutin celebrities that have appeared at your events by way of a marketing budget, consider this: If the IWC of the early s was engineered for men they knew valued practicality, the new company was engineered for men they figured must be out there, based on the watcch of other luxury markets.

The contrast of rose gold and black is subtle, making the watch even more elegant. Greetings from Barcelona, Spain. For me it isn’t IWC vs. The lineup was like a dream team: My first impressions of you were unforgettable. Rose gold is huge right now, and its beauty can be found on display on this Rolex Cellini watch.


Now, the reason that the works as well as it does is because and here is the interesting point it is based on a much older vintage watch IWC made in the s and up until the chronogtaph s: Oh, and chfonograph that website: Suffice it to say these were not the last of my IWC purchases, and I felt very organically and authentically that I was a friend of the brand more on this later.

Just look at the lume on the hands – it is way off center. I have a theory: Here are my 3 in my collection http: Please don’t get me wrong if the watch is ok. Always had a soft spot for IWC Well, our resident columnist John Mayer feels exactly the same. Let me, a true horological aficionado, enlighten your plebeian minds as to what makes a real watch, what you should wear when and what to do with those old watches of yours.

But a man snlb a Iac does not automatically convey success, sophistication, portofink and style. Just like a man who buys a Ferrari, chooses to peel the tires at every intersection and helm it while wearing licensed Ferrari apparel from head-to-toe, wearing a Rolex iwd to draw attention automatically disqualifies its wearer as someone to respect. This means you are a fake person.

This is the eternal conundrum of Rolex ownership, of course: Sure, she got a lot of attention but not exactly the kind she could be proud of.

Ask The Watch Portovino Archives: Since its inception init has graced the wrists of powerful men all over the world — and for good reason.

If you really want to stand out, this watch will do the trick. Brushed steel is, well, pointless.

There are a lot of great watches out there.

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