Something every hijaabi girl can relate with. This novel is almost related to me in many sense. I loved the scenes between Haya and Major Ahmed teehee! I absolutely loved it. I’ve had my share of men no, not those men who don’t trust and are always on the lookout for cracks and ways to suspect me and some have the audacity to go to the character , and Jihaan was just another one. It gives an important message through his character that we should never give up and no matter what happens have faith in Allah Almighty and that everything will turn out to be fine. All Nimra Ahmed Novels List 1.

Oct 27, Zoha rated it it was amazing Shelves: At the start i was very confused about the major ahmed and then ARP but the story catched my interest immedi Jannat ky patay idk from where to start but this novel is beyond my expectations. Here are my some comments about it. She is a terrific writer nonetheless. When I can’t decide what I should read, I open this. It might be because our average readers like to read romantic stories with a touch of religion.

It’s high time people realised that. Because keeping secrets is an art and not everyone knows it! The most intriguing feature about this book was the curiosity Nimra Ahmed kept till the end. I can debate so many points from this book. Apr 17, Shahroz rated it it was amazing Shelves: Jannat Kay Pattay is unquestionably one of the most beautiful books ever. This novel is almost related to me in many sense.

Ahme that I have vented it out of my system, I can rest.

I hate people like her. I do think that the novel was lengthie This was my 5th urdu novel and I have got shmed say, it makes my “favourite novels” numra and that’s saying something. The way hero was shown playing three characters of Dolly, Major and Pasha simultaneoulsy cracked my common sense.

When Haya first called him at Mehndi, he was watching her by next door. Even if she was trying to copy Umera, there is nothing wrong with that as Umera I read this story extremely late even though I am usually up to date with these things. View all 14 comments. Mehmal, Haya; – male protagonist from security forces: Achi larkiya thaper bht acha marti hain tum mery hatho bht pito ge bharay gul.


Dec 01, Nazish Islam rated it really liked it Recommended to Nazish by: This book actually played a great role in the life of a friend of mine and she recommended this to me.

Jannat Kay Pattay / جنت کے پتے

He put her through so much just because she had a stupid phone call with her friend in the beginning of the chapter. Ya uske “aanson ka phanda” halaq mai lag ke woh marr nahi gayi. Apno ko tang krny ka maza hi alag hy islia Haya aur Jihan ak dosry ko bht tang krty thy. Basically, our writer Nimra Ahmed wanted to include everything cheesy and romantic in this obnoxious storyline, but she also wanted to do it the ‘halal’ way, get it?

In the start the book was very good, a good mystery but then it took a filmy turn which is Nimra Ahmed’s forte, so i was like rolling my eyes throughout that part and i was telling and laughing over it with my bro. I think I enjoyed Haya a lot, DJ was an amazing character that broke my heart and who reminded me of a real life friend that I was separated from. With all the hype I expected better I guess.

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And in the story just like all the similar places reminded Haya of DJ i can easily relate this to me and when i also went to similar places all the memories run infornt of my eyes just like a flash. This whole book read like a romantic movie script with religion added to it like a garnish. Oct 26, Ayesha rated it it was amazing Shelves: In her trademark style, she leaves you with a thought, that they will be doing it again.

But this story was neither fantasy fiction nor episodf realism. I have read ‘A Case of Exploding Mangoes’ by Hanif Muhammed and feel that it was master piece as compared to this novel.

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I do not follow Islam that much to be honest, but even I can tell that Islam does not allow a women to go out and pattayy absurd and risky things like Haya does in the novel. This mutual tolerance can only help us become a better Muslim and a better human being.


I remember pqttay about a girl who was ahned raped by a guy for years because he blackmailed her with some comprising pictures and she was too afraid to tell her family. I do think that the novel was lengthier than it was meant to be, but the plot was awesome! Jul 15, Muhammad Zain Shabbir rated it it was amazing. And defended brilliantly all the lame pointers against pardah. This novel nkmra everything I want in a good novel. It becomes a master piece and found its place on the top of your book rack till you found something more amazing than before and in this way the circle goes on.

Although there were some points i would like for readers to point out The original plot from: Mar 23, Patfay J Bookblogger added it Shelves: Arrogance is not a symbol of being cool or classy. It is a complete rollercoster ride which will make you thrilled, fascinated and awed altogether. But I understand the target readers were teenage girls and girls in their twenties who are usually indulged in their pathetic fantasies. Open Preview See a Problem?

She might be trying to write a thriller, but she failed in that as well. I had quite long nails when i started reading this book but that curiosity made me bite my nails even that skin too.

This book has moved me in ways no other could with Jehan’s character. I have heard so many good things about this novel but it was such a bakwass story with so many loopholes that I was literally irritated. I am still a big fan. I take Hijab as well but jannqt way it portrays the judgemental views of main protagonist is pathetic really and far too away from Islam.

I didnt even know the single word of all lectures. To be honest, this book was too much to digest.

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