It’s not afraid to pick on little kids. May not have as many ‘jump’ scares as you’d want, but a fantastic movie by the master Amenabar. This highly-tense update on the old premise — which sees a deaf author put through the mill by a mask-wearing lunatic — owes a great deal to stalker classics such as Halloween and even Scream , but brings plenty of its own to the blood-splattered table. Copy from this list Export Report this list. Note that this is not in any order. From Dusk Till Dawn. Home invasion thrillers might be clogging up the streaming queues, but few do it better than The Strangers , a potently cruel and concentrated dose of domestic horror. Watch it here Hush.

The background score is good and it has its fair share of jump scares as well. Yes, the movies like Martyrs, The Exorcist and The Shining are amazing, but some people want a not only a good story and a creepy environment, but also loads of jump scares. A young photographer and his girlfriend discover mysterious shadows in their photographs after a tragic accident. Emelie commits to one of the largest taboos in the horror genre: Journalist Anne Roland explores the disturbing links behind her friend’s sudden disappearance, an ominous government research chemical, and a disturbing radio broadcast of unknown origin. Yet another Asian movie with a great plot and haunting visuals.

InJohnny and June threw a party at their house in Hendersonville. It can be one of the movies that stay with you, especially if watched alone. If you don’t like the setup of Paranormal Activity movies, don’t watch this.

A scary tale as Deborah Logan unravels scarg her mind’s deepest darkest corners. Don’t miss this Australian gem. A family looks to prevent evil spirits from trapping their comatose child in a realm called The Further.

The 13 Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now

During his day stay, Harrison also became the first Beatle to play in the U. Nice to almost good story with some good twists and turns.


Premise is simple but the treatment of the movie makes all the difference. It makes up for the scares with a great plot, good performance and a terrific twist at the end. Watch it here The Belko Experiment. A caving expedition goes jumpiezt wrong, as the scray become trapped and ultimately pursued by a strange breed of predators. Harrison, a big fan and friend of the Pythons, set up his own production company—Handmade Films—to fund the project. George Harrison was only 27 when The Beatles broke up.

While the real-life exploits of paranormal ghost hunters the Warrens Patrick Acary and Vera Farmiga may be in some question, there’s no doubting this retelling of one of their famous haunted house cases is a chilling roller coaster ride. The first part is gripping but the movie loses its plot mid-way. Easily one of the best Stephen King adaptations ever made, and one of the only horror films to win an Oscar Kathy Bates won Best Actressthis is essential viewing for horror fans, Scray King fans, snow fans and fans of watching people get their ankles belted into ungodly ankles by a mallet.

George Harrison turned 27 on February 25,less than two months before Paul McCartney told the world he had no future plans to work with the Beatles. This one is another early song inspired by Vivian. Sound a little off-brand? An elderly woman battling Alzheimer’s disease agrees to let a film crew document her condition, but what they discover is something far more sinister going on.

Watch it here 30 Days Of Night. PG 95 min Drama, Fantasy, Horror.

Kill the lights and check out any one of the best scary movies on Netflix right now. Good jump movids, especially the last half an hour is one of the scariest including recent horror movies. He covers at least 20 of those themes in the 10 songs below. You’re Next R 95 min Horror, Thriller 6.

These Containers Zip Shut. A good old-fashion rated horror from one of the best directors in the biz. If you haven’t seen The Sixth Sense in a while, watching it with the knowledge of the Rod Serling-esque third-act twist is to appreciate Shyamalan’s sleight-of-hand. It makes up by putting in some nice jump scare moments.


Supporting cast is good and the film has some scary jumpy moments! An ex-cop and his family are the target of an evil force that is using mirrors as a gateway into their home. Emelie A couple celebrates their wedding anniversary by inviting a babysitter named Anna to look mlvies their three kids while they go out to dinner. Yes, agreed, but still scary.

The scariest, jumpiest, and creepiest horror films 2013

Inhe told Larry King that black was his signature color simply because he felt most comfortable in it, although he preferred light blue in summer. PG 95 min Drama, Fantasy, Horror. After a family is forced to relocate for their son’s health, they begin experiencing supernatural behavior in their new home, and uncover a sinister history. Not Rated 94 min Drama, Horror.

A married couple becomes stranded at an isolated motel and finds hidden video cameras in their room. From the summer of through the summer ofCash was deployed in Germany with the Movues Force.

The scariest, jumpiest, and creepiest horror films – IMDb

How many Persian-language films have you seen? A young photographer and his girlfriend moovies mysterious shadows in their photographs after a tragic accident. A high-concept serial killer stages his crime scenes with a Seven Deadly Sins theme thriller, Se7en could have wallowed in the bargain bins of Blockbusters if not for the talent attracted to Andrew Kevin Walker’s script.

Watch it here Freddy Vs.

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