Young gets up and looks straight at Gongmin. For me, it was the individual little? He orders Yang-gak to tell the Yuan ambassadors to sit quietly and wait as he still has something he wants to watch unfold. She pulls him over to the side, just as roughly as her nephew is with other people. She’s so unintentionally funny. As JB noted in the recap, there is some movement forward, even if it seems to lead CY to his death, which we know won’t happen because he is the hero and he can’t die now, when we still have 13 episodes to go through.

If she said to keep him alive, they would have killed Young. Through his meeting with Eun-soo, the death of Choong-jung, and Gongmin confirming that he was really only looking out for Eun-soo, Young realizes that there is once again something he wishes to fight for and that there are people worth fighting for again, not because he is bound as a warrior to do so, but because he believes in the righteousness of that role. Young happily smiles at her suggestion and tells her to run with Choong-jung. Young lays out the chess pieces as he explains. It was really of no consequence to her since it was such a far off thing. Ki Chul likes to step on weak people like they are bugs. I don’t think this fights are any different from fights in other dramas but then, why they can’t be compare?

It was the exact moment he realized that he was falling in love! It was just the way you were looking at it. It’s a total mismatch between content and delivery.


Young grimaces; so Ki Kadoama really does intend to kill every potential supporter to the king. Ki Won gets a message delivered by the Pigeon Express.

Recap: “Faith” Episode 7

Ki Chul suggests that Choong-jung yell now for Young since he can still hear him. He directs Young to look around. The order already came yesterday morning for the soldiers to be ready. Thanks for sharing that.

Recap: “Faith” Episode 7 | Scattered Joonni

I saw the original trailer and ahhhhh No-gook wants to know if Ki Chul simply handed over Eun-soo to Young. Young holds onto him tightly before letting go. Hilariously, as the guards resume walking in tecaps with the kaddorama, Lady Choi jerks an Woodalchi back and orders the entourage to walk slower. He wants to know what she is thinking about.

Everyone looks at No-gook in surprise and Gongmin demands to know what the heck she is saying.

I must confess that I’m a fan, but I’m not the type of fan who sees no evil in what the object of my interest does. The latest word pegging Young as a plotter to enthrone Chungjeong, however, has him gaping in shock.

faih If Ki Chul wants to have her heart, he needs to at least drink once a week with her. Gongmin raises the official rank of the Woodalchi from fifth to the fourth, which means the Woodalchi solely answers to the king- no one can touch the Woodalchi.

She sees hoards of little kids running out and crying. Yup, I agree with what you said also.


In response, Young gets up and sits by another beam. He wants to make Goryeo into a powerful and large country.

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But now that Young has realized that even if death awaits everyone, it still matters how you live that life, he will struggle as hard as everyone else to shape the world into a place he can live.

And many people seemed to forget this, but yeah, ES’s first impression of CY: If it were me, my thought process would be: Dia berteman baik dengan Wang Rin Hong Jong Hyun yang merupakan anak dari keluarga kerajaan sekaligus pengawalnya. How did he find them?

Gongmin accepts the challenge, telling him to go ahead and bring those supporters. Yet the man they find is lazy, irritable, and sleepy. Just to test whether their faith is so great that they comply?

Faith: Episode 7 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Totally different, that was more movie than tv series. Just like to know if I missed something here…at the end of the drama Young was released from prison, why?

Joo-suk is not sure that the king will give Young a reply; Young agrees. Dia menilai orang dari seberapa ban Not some grand moral reason but because he is too lazy.

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