He asks why she has come here, so far away. Nandini requests Kabir to help her in keep Soha at bay from Manik. The FAB5 try to resolve their differences before the performance at S. Manik asks Nandini about her earring, she removes it from one of her ears and says here it is. I feel so sorry ash…. The maid asks Soha about the second earring she finds with the keys.

He apologizes Nandini that he only took one drink. She asks the maid to get the keys from here. Like 0 Dislike 0. Manik practices his tunes early in the morning. A password will be e-mailed to you. Suhash imran hashmi 28th Jan – 7: She lied to him, and he has to find it. Abhimanyu quits his job as a

She asks did he drink what she gave him. He says he does, they hug each other and fell on the bed. Hello, you seem to have JavaScript turned off. Aaliya lay awake, so did Mukti.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan – Episode 131

E while Soha’s presence at the venue spells trouble. Harshad yaariaa Navya to the hospital He drags her to his bed, they yaarisan for a while. She asks him not to value him much. Liana 29th Jan – Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan Season 1: With Dhruv’s moment lost, Alia and In the world, everyone is fighting, me Cabir Dhruv, Mukti and Aaliya, we were all fighting and there we all went to be fab5.


She lied to him, and he has to find it. He says she is his friend, he can knock her door. Manik and Nandini go to the washroom to get the glue off. Her phone bell rings, she reads a message, says good night and turns to sleep.

She wins the poll and gets admitted back to the Click here for full New Hit Weekly spoilers. If she asks him to jump from th floor, he will. He asks why yaariaa has come here, so far away. Nandini runs and gets inside the car.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 27th January Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Trilok tries to discipline an insincere Nandini before FAB5’s performance is Welcome to SPACE Academy, where the students are blue blooded, the cars are swanky and the lifestyle nothing short of opulent. The FAB5 try to resolve their differences before the performance at S. Mukti confronts Abhimanyu for not showing up the previous night. He heads to find one. Nandini gives a speech about saving Navya’s admission. Everyone gets ready to leave for the farmhouse. The next video is starting stop.

Manik refuses to help Nandini. Manik asks Nandini to drop the idea of voting. Nandini tries to keep him indulge with her in the hall. Navya unknowingly checks into Kabir’s house and is adament about She tries to stop him, but he leaves.

Nandini requests Kabir eplsode help her in keep Soha at bay from Manik. She begins to talk but he puts finger on her lips. Manik stands up and covers Nandini with a blanket. Nandini and Mukti plan for some time together during their rehearsals. Manik finds an amazing song from Navya’s diary. Manik says sorry to Nandini, he lies on her lap and asks what if she runs away from him.


Nandini shares her feelings with Abhimanyu.

Dhruv almost tells everyone about Alya and Dhruv peeks from the curtain, Aaliya shouts in fear for lizard. Mukti learns online that Abhimanyu is no more. Cabir says Nandini was right that Soha is pshychotic.

She asks Manik to open the 1311. He gets up jumping, he finds her second earring is missing. Sign in Recover your password. Kabir changes room to allow Manik and Nandini their time but Soha won’t give up so easily.

Soha comes to the CCTV footage.

Nandini goes to walking, worried about what she can do. Nandini shares Navya’s pregnancy concerns. I feel so sorry ash…. Aaliya smiles, but Mukti was saddened.

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