He looks through the window and comes out of car. A password will be e-mailed to you. Gm guys have a lovely day ahead tata guys gtg c u all very very soon bye. Manik says he had a very tiring flight in the plane, and must go home. Now he must do something great in a show today. She picks a few popcorn from a bowl lying nearby and throws them onto him.

She asks to see her gifts first, he allows. Her maa asks what Navya did. Aisha malya 18th Jun – 2: She thinks that Cabir does not consider her his friend. Nandini asks Manik to open up her hair, Manik unwinds her braid. Nandini says to Manik that they will perform together in the concert.

He says so it is her party preparation, and eats the popcorn.

Nandini tells Manik that she cannot imagine to live without him and asks him never let her alone in any condition. Last updated Jun 17, Nandini blinds him and asks him to come along her. He looks through the window and comes out of car. Manik promises Nandini that he will be with her forever. Cabir comes to Navia as she was sitting upset, eepisode comes and apologizes to her about Raghav, he requests Navya to speak to him and to forgive him.

She asks what it means. She sits down saying he came here. She says her wish is sitting in front of her and tries to cut the round thing. Manik says he went to school, hill station, and met V. Sign in Recover your password. He says he came for rehearsals.


Bandhan 13th March Written Episode Update. Cabir apologizes to Navia and they both hug each other. Manik heads to leave, then stops and says they must talk.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 17th June Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Episodee spite of having lots of problem, Manik and Nandini get successful to confess their love to each other. Woww…evn my name hs been copied!!! He calls Navya saying there is a surprise for her. Previous Page 4 of 4. Manik comes to practice room, and asks about Pandit ji. She asks if he came before her to not let Pandit ji be with her.

A password will be e-mailed to you. She says she thought they have lost the catch-up and epiode must sit and talk. Manik holds her hands and asks her to clean the face now.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan – Episode

Now he must do something great in a show today. She tells him she did practice all day long, and Pandit ji did nothing. Manik and Nandini imagines a cute dream world in which they keep only love and no space for any problems. Manik kisses her hand. He holds hers, turns to her wrtiten remove a bunch of hair from her face.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan _ 26 November FULL EPISODE UPDATE _ Manik Nandini Romance In Jungle_ Mtv Show

Manik is on cloud nine on hearing those words for which he was waiting since long times. Gm guys have a lovely day ahead tata guys gtg c u all very very soon bye.


She is worried now that she spit out everything. Her mom asks about Navya, he says she must be in home.

She lie down and keeps her hand on hers. Times have changed, nothing is same now, everything has changed. Tu… tu h wahi dil ne jise apna kaha tu h jaha me hu waha ab to ye jeevan tere bin h saza mil jaye istarh do lehre jis trh fir ho na juda Ye wada raha tu… tu h wahi…!!!

I study in 4th std. He told him yesterday not to make Nandini worried, he may leave his class.

She asks who is V, he is lost and says she is now only a friend. In the morning in college, Cabir talks to himself that he is so courageous, he went writen Warrior High. A password will be e-mailed to you. He watches a mid aged woman and thinks she resembles so much to Navya, is she her mother. The much awaited confession of Nandini to Manik finally happened in a very romantic and unique way in Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan. Previous Page 40 of

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