The news articles, Tweets, and blog posts do not represent IMDb’s opinions nor can we guarantee that the reporting therein is completely factual. It is reported that approximately passengers arrived in Switzerland in December Think you never need to see another documentary about the holocaust as long as you live? Bauer cites this fear as evidence that the Hungarian-Jewish community was well aware of the information about the gas chambers inside Auschwitz. Kasztner, then a member of the Israeli government, sued for libel, and the trial became a heavily politicized test of national identity. Documentary films about the Holocaust films s documentary films Documentary films about crime. She does and he squeals. See also Showtimes External Sites.

But Killing Kasztner begins by interviewing an Israeli assassin who gunned down Rudolf Kasztner in Tel Aviv 13 years after he had saved 1, people from Auschwitz. Kastner negotiated with Adolf Eichmann , the German SS officer in charge of deporting Hungary’s Jews to Auschwitz in German-occupied Poland, to allow over 1, Jews to escape in exchange for gold, diamonds and cash. They were forced to strip and stand naked for hours waiting to see medical personnel or go into the showers; the women were subjected to intimate examinations by the doctors, supposedly in a search for lice. The film was well received by critics. A former night-club dancer tells dirty stories about her ex-colleagues to the refined Orthodox language teacher, who does not know whether to block her ears or to laugh. Already have an account? Braham The Politics of Genocide: Views Read Edit View history.

The Oxford Handbook of Holocaust Studies. The Kastner train consisted of 35 cattle trucks that left Budapest on 30 Juneduring the German occupation of Hungary, carrying over 1, Jews to safety in Switzerland.


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On the other side of this issue is a young lawyer, whose father was responsible for Kasztner’s legal defeat. The very things that make Killing Kasztner maddening — herky-jerky storytelling, heavy-handedness, doomy music, unearned moral certitude — keep it moving right along.

Time magazine 11 July Kastner train passengers on their way to Switzerland. The judge found against the government, ruling that Kastner had “sold his soul to the devil” by negotiating with Eichmann and selecting some Jews to be saved while failing to alert others. Did he truly sell his soul, or was he just, as a family member says in the film, the wrong kind of hero?

Log in with Facebook. Bergen-Belsen concentration camp near Hannover, 9 July, with 1, passengers on board.

Another little boy begs his mother not to beat him because in his sleep he wet the kadztner he shares with her. Apr 22, Rating: The government sued for libel on his behalf, and the defendant’s lawyer turned the kazstner into an indictment of the Mapai Labour leadership and its alleged failure to help Europe’s Jews.

When the train reached Bergen-Belsen on Sunday, 9 July, the passengers were taken to a special section, what would be known as the Ungarnlager Hungarian campwhere they were held for weeks, and in some cases months.

DocumentarySpecial Interest. Views Read Edit View history. The documentary “Killing Kasztner: This Week’s Issue Print Archives.

Gaylen Ross’s excellent documentary explores how a forgotten hero of the Holocaust became a political target in Israel. Eckstein and the other conspirators served only 7 years of their life sentences, after being commuted on recommendation from Israel’s first Prime MinisterDavid Ben-Gurion.


Kasztner’s daughter and his three granddaughters seek redemption for their family name. Eckstein said he fired two additional bullets before another conspirator fired a fourth bullet that would ultimately kill Kasztner.

The passengers started panicking; he writes that Joel Teitelbaum and his party sent off messages asking people to save them, and only them. Feb 12, Rating: The first batch of passengers arrived in Switzerland on the 18th Augustand the rest in December. Kasztner, then a member of the Israeli government, sued for libel, and the trial became a heavily politicized test of national identity.

Part of a series of articles on the Holocaust. Eckstein’s goal was to avenge the hundreds of thousands of Hungarian Jews whose deaths were blamed on Kasztner.

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Life Is Not All That: University of Michigan Press. Kasztner was accused of striking a wretched bargain with Eichmann: Part of a series of articles on the Holocaust Blood for goods Key figures.

Also in attendance was Kasztner’s granddaughter, who asked why her grandfather was still being blamed for the deaths of Jews he could not save. Anatomy of the Auschwitz Death Camp. Braham The Politics of Genocide: Oct 25, Rating:

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