For the first part, it’s a 8. I wish they’d somehow bring everyone back and make another Keizoku! I personally liked the film, but I can’t really explain why. Was this review helpful to you? I can’t wait until the movie, comics and the “series 2” comes out!! I wished the final episode had been really the final episode but the producers ruined a fine script by continuing the drama with SP and a movie.

The story line and the mysteries to be solved were not that compelling and Nakatani Miki could be annoying at times when she becomes oddly high-pitched. It is a murder mystery thriller, of course, but then again, the movie features elements of different genres such as some supernatural and surreal elements, and a wide range of comedy elements. The chemistry between Nakatani and Atsuro combined with the comic element really gives you a chance to become fond of the characters. I however, didn’t like Atsuro’s character because he seemed a little bit twisted to me. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Frankly, who wants to watch a drama filled with old people. The Middles ones are good, but I didn’t like the last three.

The overall plot was interesting as well.

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It’s painful to watch how hard this drama tries to be “different”. The film takes place on an island with a very peculiar looking castle on it, a setting that makes the film quite atmospheric.

The comic relief throughout creates a fondness for the characters that grows and grows, leaving the viewer devastated at the tragic ending. Okay, but great ending [Rating: Still, it is quite hard to rate this film.

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Comments by jdfan [Rating: I was actually not that emotionally attached to the characters as the series approached its climatic conclusions. With her special abilities for deduction, she manages to solve some of the most baffling dead cases, usually half-way through an episode.


I can’t wait until the mofie, comics and the “series 2” comes out!! Characters and cast also do their jobs really well, it can’t really get much better than that.

But I luved Miki’s character because she seems so clueless at most time. The cast is great and the stories are short and well done mysterious I watched this after Unfair, two sesons of Psychometrer Eiji, 3 seasons of Trick and 4 seasons of Investigator Mariko – not so much new under the sun.

I personally liked the film, but I can’t really explain why. Keep track sjb everything you watch; tell your friends. Comments by ephesus [Rating: Her partner, though a well-respected and experienced detective, has grown complacent after unsuccesfully pursuing these cases that many consider an exercise in futility. It was a bit twisted and much different from episodes before, but really interesting, still liked light episodes more though.

The cases themselves aren’t incredibly grabbing – in fact, after the first episode it became a little predictable who the villains were. Leizoku the plot the film often has some quick video-clip style sequences which I found more annoying than cool. Probably the oldest that I have ever seen. But as always, it’s becomes boring after a few episodes.

Well-constructed mysteries and colorful characters abound in this stylish and edgy police drama. One of the most suspenseful shows at the end [Rating: Out of all the Miki Nakatani doramas I have seen this is my favorite. This is a great mystery drama with combines of suspense and a bit of humor.

There may or may not be phantom figures, portals to another world and distorted history at play. There is a lot of suspense and it is very engaging watching Shibata Jun and her partner try to solve the “unsolved cases” from the past. What is done well is the darker story of Watabe Atsuro’s character that is woven in little by little with each passing episode which builds up immensely towards the end.


The review section may contain spoilers! A good detective series [Rating: I wish they’d somehow bring everyone back and make another Keizoku! The main character, female police detective Jun Shibata beautiful Miki Nakatani is very likable, almost too cute for a policewoman.

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It can be taken as a detective story–actually, some of the scenes are obviously directly influenced by Sherlock Holmes–but it can also be seen as an examination of the human condition, and as a commentary on very real issues facing Japanese society, namely deception, blind obedience and keeizoku.

A bit silly, not too serious and some light comedy here and there. And now, 2 years after buying my first copy, I’ve finally gotten another. Nakatani did a great job conveying the eccentric qualities of Jun. Comments by donna [Rating: Movke here to suggest a video for this drama YouTube videos only.

Reviewed by kumonryu on 21 November It has the power to draw you in for more. Watabe and Nakatani made a great pair! A note though, if you’re going to see this series, make sure you have the continuation special, movie on hand, otherwise the ending is going to greatly upset you. One of the links above is to my site. A witty peculiar drama, which attempted to play on the charisma of the Nakatani Miki and the chemistry of the two lead roles.

Comments by xhidex33 [Rating: I think she’s awesome actress. Full Cast and Crew. Share this Rating Title:

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