Why all the pressure on MG being prepared to get married now?? Jomo December 14, at 3: I mean, come on! Notify me of new posts via email. I have broken up once before with this show,went back again and now I m more or less in limbo now that they have changed the writer! There, her spirits sink to see the framed photos of Seo-jun and Mu-gyul back in their days as a happy couple.

Ara December 14, at Thanks for the recap: Remember in the ep. My take is thus. Mary overhears the news of the dropped investors when she drops by the office for a meeting with the writer, who likes her story suggestions. Still, when she asks him to join her and Jung-in tomorrow for a coffee date to talk things over, he refuses. I enjoyed yours and javabeans recaps and eagerly waiting for them rather than watching the raw episodes. As always thank you for all your recaps.

Gah, could they be any cuter? Now that he is about to die okt wants to make up for lost time by pairing his son with MR. She leans right into him and grabs him for a kiss. Seo-jun asks if she made a stzyed penny selling her scandal pictures, and they end up in an actual catfight. And humors mary’s dad. Ha, somehow the in bed? Now if we could just get all three of them to move in together….

Then, he tops it off by giving her a present…an engagement ring the size of Kansas. Episode 6 by Helcat. Also, i don’t see the point on jungin’s fixation over drama princess’ talents.

Mary Stayed Out All Night: 8 & 9 Sweetness | Couch Kimchi

Your recapes are Much better than Drama. MY mind was totally working over time, thinking about Hight reaction to what she witnessed. Adding the character of seo jun in this drama in the first place was the big mistake.

Thank you so much it was wonderful reading the recap!!: And I will officially divorce my contract and love marriage with this drama if Jung-in and Mary end up related in any way.


To the Geun-Geun couple — you two rock so hard I may need to nominate you for Woodstock, whenever the next one may be. Besides exploring MG’s issue of commitment it would be cool if we see Mary really torn between the two boys, and not just because she has a sense of loyalty for Jung-in.

He goes home to find the sweater that Mary knitted for him, tucked away in his fridge of all places. You are such an angel for the dramaddicts! Hope the writer and production team will come up with better story for the rest of the drama. Although that brings me to a very curious question: I agree with girlfriday that all this fun should have been incorporated in the early episodes, but oh well I love him too much too see him acting i-love-you-but-i-know-u-love-someone else-but-i’ll-continue-to-stalk-you-anyway.

I don’t understand why so many scenes to show that they are cute together. Why give in to ratings pressure: My favorite scene was him in the morning with his cute, dorky moment, rehearsing what he’d do.

Is it Monday today???? Mom tries it on kimcgidrama swoons, thinking all her problems could be solved with just the one bauble…. And his catch of Mary slipping on the ice was one of the most realistic episove falls I’ve seen in a long time. I think Korean actress Jung So Min is cute and funny too. I was literally thinking Loser daddy refuses, and Mu Gyul leaves promising to return to keep asking for permission. And here I thought… haha!!!! Thanks Koala for feeding my addiction!

It just seems mean spirited to me. It was really just a dick waving contest that made me sick. I think it should be against alll law to put two pretty guys in a drama ever again, it just makes the imagination go wild. They lie down for a quick nap with plans to watch the sunset this time hehand Mu-gyul falls asleep watching over Mary.


Mary picks up the discarded guitar-pick necklace on her way in, and is quieter than usual as she prepares dinner for Mu-gyul.

Mary Stayed Out All Night: 8 & 9 Sweetness

Mu Gyul calls right at that moment, and loser dad takes the phone away from Mae Ri and warns Mu Gyul not to call again or attempt to see Mae Ri. MG has to start conditioning his non-confrontational brain to activate his non-confrontational body to push those pathetic girls away in the future.

Seo-jun’s existence in the drama is becoming less and less relevant. Ockoala, where would we be without your dedication to recapping: She sees the kiss, and appears stunned.

Romance Is a Bonus Book: Seriously if a drama makes you smile and feel happy, well then, for me that is what a good drama mwry. I am officially leaving the bus. Now that’s the plot I’m talking about. Yes,I think the drama had lots of unused potential,but I hate to see people bashing and being so dissappointed in this drama.

I’m hoping that the writer was a bit episde coming in and developing the random plot points already begun by the production. Surely his class is always full with a long waiting list! As long as I have the freedom to say “this is the best drama ever made”, i’m sure I also have the freedom to say “this is the worst drama ever made”, because basically it’s the same thing: MG was not a playboy because he likes that kind of lifestyle.

I kimchkdrama his inner dorkiness.

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