Won’t nobody let them shoot their club up? Her arms and legs are so short and she is shaped funny. And how you mad at the wife?? Random listening to Solange feat Bilal and had to watch his Prince tribute. My cornballs had BBD so for that reason alone I’ll pay him more attention. Nikki’s shape, face, wig, and hairline just looks stupid as fawk.

That’s hasn’t happen to me. Yeah, they were just ‘walk around dirty’ NOT yeen take no bath type dirty?? I felt every bit of that tribute. Hell A1 looks Mursty. I hope Sandra does a post on this now that its national. They are picking on your dude Safree IOno care if they Chanel.

They can sue you homeowners insurance.

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 2 Episode 6 – DDotOmen

Not sure if I will catch the next one. I see she got a ashy blonde wig like Tierra be wearing. Unfortunately for Dickson, the automatic garage door opener malfunctioned and he could not get the garage door to open.

Then the Bish dropped the mic in mid verse, leaped in the crowd and tore her wig off?

I mean Nikki and Safaree love triangle is faker than a 3 dolla bill!! I do this too at times. With her almost pregnant ass?? Let’s have a champagne chronic nightcaaapppp? Her arms and legs are so short and she is shaped funny.

In Case You Missed It: Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, Episode 5

Ish was funny as hell for us not her, lolol. Thanks for the bullet points. Like most men i think he was still creepin n dippin back with Keisha on his wife It’s all fun and games until you don’t have a job. The Celebrities are quoting Joanne.


Love & Hip Hop Hollywood

Alwasys hollering she a boss. I know somebody who dealt with something similar to that, and that’s what ended up happening. But, how do women not tire of men they can’t take anywhere and hold a conversation with?

You got some nerve there horsie. I am of the school, if you break in then it’s your funeral whether I am there or not. Is Milan and the other dude still on there? Even if they did nothing wrong. All she was going to do was trying to marrying A1 for you. Cornball thinks he’s kewl?? I’m not calling him wack because I don’t know him, but what I am going to say is the show is portraying him as a lame and wack lol.

I was joking in that first sentence. They were walking around poolside barefoot. All these people on this one corny as hell to me.

The lipo was not her friend!! Jeremih] I said you wanna live that life life Well lemme introduce you Everyday I ball ballthat’s cause I’m s’possed to You see this here just training training Now I’m really ’bout to go pro soon Came a mighty long long way way Yeah Aldi’s to Wholefoods Aldi’s to Wholefoods 2X Then I take a look in that mirror mirror Like damn nigga you don’t want to Wanna tell me how you wanna play play Shawty promise Jeremih will coach seson Two seater baby any day As long as is us two [Hook] [Outro] Damn baby, you lookin’ good tonight Damn baby, Damn baby, you lookin’ good tonight Damn baby, Damn baby, you lookin’ good tonight Damn baby, Damn baby, you lookin’ good tonight You lookin’ good tonight A1, looks dirty on his wedding day.


His body saves him. Oh that’s just me Badu was looking at him like a snickers bar. Nice pucci seat I agree? How are these ppl? Nikki’s shape, face, wig, and hairline just looks stupid as fawk. She stays with the same facial expression whether she’s happy or sad. But I do feel like he wants to thrive on his own and he is struggling to find the venue.

I do rounds on the floors sometimes so I have to use my phone. This aint even “reality” TV. I really think she needs meds, but it was entertaining to me. But I will say, that male students should be required to take sexual harassment type of orientation class.

This was a very boring episode. I hollywood know Safaree was such a lame, I was so embarrassed for him. Her and her mama hollywodo in walk up. Holding hands is the only thing they do cute Or in her nasty plastic ussy case Thanks, I was wondering what she really looks like.

Faints gets up cackles and faints again.

Won’t nobody ddoromen them shoot their club up? Im sooo glad we aint see Brandi bobble head azz and her shark mouth husband. Safaraee is literally the lamest dude alive.

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