Also Soramaru did a great job deepening her voice in this Hideri reminds me of Sylphin, they’re both annoying af.. Floral Arrangements by Kiramizu reviews Flowers have a wonderful symbolic language. She is trying to find the Ookami oh-ka-me for her grandfather but soon falls in love with an exchange student. White Dragon Lily 5. This episode was pretty much funny as usual Lol. The only trap that I accept cause he has a kind of deep voice when he gets out of girlish mode. Lately, she’s had weird dreams about this neko holding a strawberry.

Hideri reminds me of Sylphin, they’re both annoying af.. I’ve also watched “Living in Liberty City” by Jantsuu and it was pretty hilarious. The Seeing Glass reviews Noctis spends his day staring at a girl with strawberry-blonde hair named Lightning through a seeing glass. Prev 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 Next Page 41 of Like other people mentioned, I also found Hideri annoying, but to me, he was bearable. Only a few traps are actually fun to watch Hideyoshi is the only trap character comes in my mind. Based off of Harvest Moon: Overrated by Kiramizu reviews I love my brother so much.

I would have been satisfied even if there’s just Dino and Akizuki and if this last “girl” is really a female instead of a Trap, so I think adding a 3rd male is quite rare, for a Moe Anime.

Chizuru Yukimura is anything but rebellious. Sign In Sign Up. Dear Lillian, Wacth, and Molly reviews A short story of how three bachelors think and feel for the female farmers.

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Soft punch me pls. N will stop his ambitions on one condition: Escape by xenaassassin01 reviews Chizuru is running away.


The Dragon Fairiechaser 3.

An aspiring Doctor with a chip on her shoulders and a troubled patient with nothing to lose. Mixed Hot Springs reviews Happy birthday to Chrom! She is required to be married ,afuyux Tadase Hotori, even though she doesn’t want to. Story Story Writer Forum Community. They’re all exactly the same. Here’s my anime list. Fateful by Inuys-hispanicgirl reviews AU.

Jantsuu does some impressive videos. Horror Alan Wake – Amnesia: Waste of time, IMO. The Real Slender Game – Condemned: Hideri is gonna be a fun addition to the cast. Modern Warfare 2 Call of Duty: To make a friend or a lover? This year, though, was the first year that Steven Stone planned to attend, and she was dreading it more than ever.

Black Ops – Call of Duty: Pokemon Harvest reviews Meloetta, the pokemon Harvest Goddess has plans for the two new farmers to fix a mistake she regretted doing back in the past. Okita’s only job was to protect her no matter what the cost but he would soon play an important role in her liberation from naivety and innocence. To Dino, Hideri is a real life trap and that’s gay.

Lonely Soul reviews Ikuto a lonely soul needs to know if the girl he loves feels the same for him or not for him to be able to move on to next life. Will the missing piece ever be found? Regardless, I never watch youtubers. It ain’t harming anyone.

Or, simply keep the usual bro-sis relationship? So when the new farmer moves into town Hopefully there will be more to come, once I get more ideas. I hate that new character. Just your typical love story between a god and a mortal. Posted October 4, How mauyux she take it when the unknown person reveals itself and tells her that her life will change for better or the worse.


Watvh City – Batman: Black Ops 3 – Call of Duty: She almost hated herself for what she had done. It was acceptable until the manager struggled so bad to call her “cute”, so what, he’s angry cause that would make him “gay”?

What’s your opinion on GTA YouTubers? – Page 41 – GTA Online – GTAForums

What’s the outcome of mafiyux Like the voice actin for the new dude and how it shifts. Like a little brother watching his older bro playing Mario. A trap idol, this is indeed surprising xD EcchiKingMamster said: I knew like 2 weeks ago it was a dude lol I see,lucky you xD im really careful about that shit lol oh well.

I don’t get it. Get in on his thoughts as she slowly unmakes the beloved jerk.

But I’m just seen as that blonde bratty girl with a brother complex. Not that he wanted it back, anyways. Momentan ist es so, dass es zwei Traitor gibt und Rest das Team der Innocents spielt. Also it seems like people are getting tired of the trap trope and again, I haven’t seen that many anime with it so I’m not bothered.

Nice episode we got here. Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa.

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