Hard Road by Aleisha Potter reviews Dean discovers a few truths about himself when he and Cas are forced to go undercover on a hunt to the very last place Dean ever thought he’d find himself: Basically lots of weddings. In a battle to end all battles, loyalties are tested and powers are revealed and tested. Vortigern’s Tower by wryter reviews The warlord Uther Pendragon has one last enemy to conquer before claiming the king’s crown, and Arthur is determined to do his part in spite of his youth. Merlin is having a really, really bad day. He sends his men to capture this Emrys. Unexpected Knowledge by Peonywinx reviews In which magic isn’t the only talent Merlin possesses.

I suppose in some ways it’s a step up from the days of Quentin Lance being really, really, really annoying, but only just. Ghosts that we knew by Dark K. Merlin, Series 5 Episodes Episode guide. First part of my three part story. And he was happy that he would get to see his old friends again, but he knew it also meant he was going to have to leave Camelot. Torr Badon by wryter reviews “A vision, Merlin Emrys, to pass on to your king. Give In, Oh Sweet Surrender by LateforClass reviews The people say the crown prince is inflicted with a mysterious illness, as Uther keeps him invisible from court life.

Pairings- Mergana and some Arwen.

But to do so he must face the most difficult decision of his life. Merlin must find a cure for Arthur’s unbreakable curse, or else it will consume him.

I won’t be making changes really, just cleaning it up, and likely splitting up that first chapter into two so the time jump isn’t so jarring. Merlin Merlin – Rated: What better way than taking Uther Pendragon’s precious son and forging him into a tool, a weapon of her choice to unleash when the time is right?

And it just might be the death of them both. When the boy can only remember his name, and displays an extraordinary gift for magic, Uther adopts him to keep him safe- but how long can the Pendragons keep Merlin’s secret? AU Glee – Rated: When he returns home to Starling City, his devoted mother Moira.


But after a training session that their king was absent from, the Knights of the Round Table may be about to find out why, as they overhear something they never could have imagined.

K – English – Humor – Chapters: As a new enemy emerges seven months after Slade’s attack upon Starling City, Oliver battles with the gdeek of his teammate Roy.

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Somehow, even without a clear view of his face, Arthur can tell Merlin’s smiling. Sherlock is not amused.

Sometimes, you cannot see what is hiding in the light by finn reviews Merlin was upset, and Arthur couldn’t work out why. S05ee03 transfer to Kurt’s school from Dalton. Platonic but can be interpreted as romance. Unsure, he turns to the only person he can trust. The Sins of the Father.

The fresh mountain air is good for your health, they said. Kisses from Sherlock by naughtynyx reviews Every year, Sherlock makes Molly’s having to work on her birthday a little bit sweeter. Written in the “Eye of the Beholder” verse, but can be read as a standalone Sherlock – Rated: Could happy, child loving, puppy-like Blaine Anderson be just the thing he needs? Arthur struggles with what he should do and Merlin tries to convince him of the right thing.

Destiny’s Path by MonJoh reviews Following the events of Season 4, Arthur suspects the one person in the world he thought would never betray him. Every person is born with a clock stamped into their skin that dictates the exact moment one meets their soul mate. There’s something in the castle that’s after them, and to make matters worse, Merlin is already injured and can’t use his magic.


He never expected it to come true. R for language, drinking, violence, homophobia, abuse, slight non-con, sexual situations, depression, suicidal thoughts. Thunderstorms and Sandwiches by Cumberbatch Critter reviews Sherlock’s being his usual know-it-all self Thankfully, Arthur is there to comfort him and assure him everything will be alright.

Distance by instraightjackets reviews It’s months after the Kamina fiasco and Stiles has been trying to distance himself from the drama of the pack. And as Merlin desperately tries to figure out why Albion needs him now, Arthur begins to suspect he was brought back for one specific reason-Merlin.

What price to obey it? Greekk, Chandler and Monica struggle to get time alone together. What he did was worse. Or a05e03 versa, for that matter. To far from Camelot to turn back, the group must press forward in order to save both Merlin and the outlying villages. Mostly how Molly came to work at Bart’s, and inadvertently meet one Sherlock Holmes.

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This is my first fanfic, Subbtitles hope you enjoy! Where there is Light by LightStruck reviews Uther Pendragon decides to take destiny into his own subttles when he hears of a prophecy that predicts the destruction of everything he has worked for.

When Gwaine accompanies Arthur, Merlin and the knights on a diplomatic mission to Mercia, he becomes an unwitting participant in a power struggle for Bayard’s throne. Arrow – season 3. Longing by blackcat reviews Molly finds out that her boyfriend is cheating on her, and Sherlock walks in on her sobbing in the lab. But what if that wasn’t the case?

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