Christine was further encouraged by the appearance of another boy that Northcott was accused of murdering. Archived from the original on 9 October Christine Collins waited 4 days to call the police about Walter’s disappearance – she initially thought his abduction was connected to her husband, who was serving a term for armed robbery in Folsom prison. The jury heard that he kidnapped, molested, tortured , and murdered the Winslow brothers and the “headless Mexican” in It is also the first time Eastwood has worked outside in any capacity outside of Warner Brothers Pictures with the exception of television since In the Line of Fire Christine, who believed that her son was still alive, corresponded with Northcott and received permission to interview him shortly before his execution.

Sanford Clark also testified about the murder of a fourth boy, a Mexican, where Northcott had forced Clark to help dispose of the head by burning it in a fire pit and then crushing the skull. His nickname was “Bummy”. Glendale Man Helps Police”. There was no sign of him until August, when a boy in Illinois said he was Mrs. The case might have remained unsolved and forgotten had the authorities not received a strange phone call from the United States consul in Canada that set off an incredible series of events. Retrieved February 6, At some time during her visit to the ranch, she discovered Walter in the chicken coop.

Her search for the whereabouts of her son was chronicled in the Clint Eastwood film Changelingin which she was portrayed by Angelina Jolie.

Gordon Northcott was implicated in the murder of Walter Collins, voop because his mother had already confessed to murdering Collins and had been sentenced for it, the state chose to not prosecute Gordon Northcott in that murder.

Retrieved 12 June Supposedly, fairies, elves, trolls, or even the devil would occasionally steal young children from their cradles, and leave a false child – a “changeling” – in its place.

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A public reunion was organized by the police, who hoped to negate the bad publicity they had received for their failure to solve this case and others. Northcott denied killing Walter.


Turns out, Northcott had spotted the agents approaching his ranch and fled. Crimes on Northcott’s little farm of horrors went on for about two years, and might have continued longer, had he not brought in his nephew, Sanford Clark, to care for the chickens.

Angelina Jolie ‘s character tells her boss mursers she’s betting on It Happened One Night to win against Cleopatra He tried to make it into a television project, but never found a murdera way to do that. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Michael Straczynskiscreenwriter for Changeling which was loosely based around the events of the murdercould hardly believe it was true. Northcott had seen the agents driving up the long road to his ranch. Police say the pair may have been responsible for the murders of many other boys who were never found. Fifteen-year old Sanford Clark had been working on the chicken murrders of his year old cousin, Gordon Stewart Northcott.

The Murders That Caused A Town To Change Its Name – And Inspired An Angelina Jolie Movie

The imposter was year-old Arthur Hutchins, Jr. The body parts that were found, coupled with the testimony of Sanford Clark, resulted in a death sentence for Gordon Northcott and a life sentence for his mother, Sarah Louise Northcott. Daviswas demoted following the Collins debacle.

Incredibly, the police did not believe her. In my mind, he could do no wrong. Sanford Chickenn Clark [31] March 1, — June 20, The Mivie Book of Hollywood Scandals.

Mama Northcott pleaded guilty to the Collins murder and received a life sentence, of which she would serve just 10 years. Nelles Youth Correctional Facility.

A man at a roadside cafe had told Hutchins how much he looked like the missing Walter Collins, and Hutchins decided to impersonate him to see if it could get him to California. Despite police urging her to take him home and “try him out for a couple of weeks,” her denials continued.

Christine Collins

Northcott was found guilty of the murders of three of the boys, sentenced to death, and hanged in The Set Whisperer — Shooting quietly on the Changeling set”. She was concerned about his welfare.


On February 8,the day trial ended with Gordon being convicted of those murders. During testimony from both Sanford Clark and his sister Jessie, it was learned that the bodies had been dug up by Gordon Northcott and his mother, Sarah Louise Chiken, on the evening of August 4,a few weeks before Sanford was taken into protective custody.

Jones Lays Damage Action to Politics”.

Jones, convinced Christine to “try the boy out” by taking him home. The trial descended into theater of the chickne, especially when Northcott got on the witness stand and grilled himself. For the American rower, see Christine Collins rower. He died in at the age 78 and was buried in Woodlawn Cemetery in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, in The case appeared to be closed, until the “mother”-and-child reunion, when Mrs.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Although she had dental records to prove her case and backing from friends, Christine said Jones accused her of being a bad mother and bringing ridicule to the police. Sanford Clark told police that his uncle had forced him to assist in the murder of three boys at the Wineville chicken ranch. Letters and photographs were exchanged before Christine Move paid for the boy to be brought to Los Angeles.

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