She stirs up Tito’s vacillating friend Sesto, who is in love with her, to act against him duet Come ti piace, imponi. However, within his own environment, this apparently impeccable ruler, who changes his wedding plans many times for the common good, generates a tangle of disappointed love, frustrated desires, jealousy and betrayal. Tito, however, plans to marry his beloved, Berenice, although the people of Rome disapprove of the emperor marrying the Jewish princess. A short time later he comes with the news that Sesto has confessed, bringing with him the death sentence for the emperor to sign. He sets fire to the Capitol, intending to trap Tito inside and kill him. Freeman , pp.

For other settings of the libretto by Metastasio, see La clemenza di Tito disambiguation. Vitellia is forced to realize that Sesto has kept his word. She tries to call Sesto back, but it is too late. Alone with Sesto, he urges him to confide in him as a friend. Mozart readily accepted the commission given his fee would be twice the price of a similar opera commissioned in Vienna. Warner Classics ” Teldec ” Cat: Sesto rushes to Tito in the palace. Period performance practice often uses a fortepiano.

Sesto rushes to Tito in the palace.

But Salieri was too busy, and he declined the commission, although he did attend the coronation. Sunday, March 17th The Romans are awaiting the public execution of Sesto and his accomplices. But when she hears word that Tito has sent Berenice of Ciliciaof whom she was jealous, back to Jerusalem, Vitellia tells Sesto to delay carrying out her wishes, hoping Tito will choose her Vitellia as his empress aria Deh, se piacer mi vuoi.

At the court of Titus, what is intimate is always illuminated by what is political and public.

Publius arrives to arrest Sesto after it is revealed that he only stabbed a co-conspirator who had disguised himself as Tito. Mozart draws a distinctive vi from the outmoded genre and once again, with his last opera, creates a study of the complicated interplay of human feelings: He has recently inherited the throne of his father, Vespasian, who came to power after overthrowing and murdering the synopsks Vittelio.

Annio begs Tito to have mercy on Sesto.

La Clemenza di Tito Synopsis |

Summary Titus, emperor of Rome in love with Berenice, is targeted by a plot hatched by the ambitious Vitellia, who wants to marry him. No evidence exists to evaluate Mozart’s attitude toward this, or even whether he was aware of the internal political conflicts raging in the kingdom of Bohemia in They both swear to love and be loyal to each other all their lives.


Annio begs Tito to show clemency towards his friend aria Tu fosti tradito. The premiere took place a few hours after Leopold’s coronation. Vitella stays her order after finding out that Tito now intends to pass over Berenice so he can take a Roman wife, in accordance with state law. A short time later he comes with the news that Sesto has confessed, bringing with him the death sentence for the emperor to sign.

Mozart scholars have suggested in the past that Mozart had been working on the opera much longer, perhaps sincehowever all such theories have now been thoroughly refuted in the English-language musicological literature.

A distraught Vitellia is persuaded by Annio and Servillia to confess her part in the assassination plot to save Sesto from execution, and while her confession shocks Tito, he tells her that he had already forgiven Sesto before extending his pardon to her as well.

Sesto’s friend Annio surprises them both with some news. To achieve her purpose, she makes use of the love for her felt by Sextus, a dear friend of Titus, benevolent and fair, the emperor ends up pardoning all the conspirators.

The time was tight and Guardasoni had a get-out clause: Sesto reenters cleemenza announces that he saw Tito slain, but Vitellia stops him from incriminating himself as the assassin. Sesto is close friends with Tito, but will do anything to gain the affections of Vitellia, so agrees to her plans. Learning of the deep feelings between Servilla and Annius, Titus then undertakes to marry Vitellia, who ignores this choice and pushes Sextus to the brink of no return.

He determines that, if the world wishes to accuse him Tito of anything, it should charge him with showing too much mercy, rather than with having a vengeful heart aria Se all’impero.

The magnanimous Titus, refusing to reign by terror, pardons one and all to the cheers of his subjects. Publio returns id announces that Sesto clemfnza been found guilty and an anguished Tito must sign Sesto’s death moaart.

In a contract dated 8 July, Guardasoni promised that he would engage a castrato “of leading quality” this seems to have mattered more than who wrote the opera ; that he would “have the libretto caused to be written Tito gives orders that he is to be left alone.

Since Annio and Servilia, unbeknownst to Tito, are in love, this news is very unwelcome to both duet Ah, perdona al primo affetto. Annio and Publio see in her panic the expression of extreme joy.

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He sets fire to the Capitol, intending to trap Tito inside and kill him. Sesto wants to leave Rome, but Annio persuades him not to aria Torna di Tito a lato.


As far as can be gathered it was not staged in London again until at the St Pancras Ssynopsis in Mostly female cast Includes adult, mature adult, young adult, elderly characters. SeptemberBad Honnef: Mozart was not Guardasoni’s first choice. As further evidence to cast doubt on the authenticity synopsix the remark, Freeman points out that members of the imperial court of Austria always spoke to each other in French, not Italian or German. Community All comments Contributor list Columnist list.

Hier dirigierte sie u.

La clemenza di Tito

Vitellia at this time is torn by guilt, but Servilia warns her that tears alone will not save Sesto aria S’altro che lagrime. Anyone interested should cont Sesto begins to suspect that he is merely Vitellia’s tool but she cleverly convinces him otherwise. ACT II Annius tells Sextus that the murdered man was not Titus, and manages to stop his friend from fleeing, telling him that others have been implicated.

He finally makes up his mind to stop the putsch.

At the Salzburg festivalPeter Sellars directed his interpretation of the opera, [11] as “a vision of peaceful coexistence”, “reaching far beyond the historical context” [12]a coproduction with the Dutch National OperaAmsterdam, and the Deutsche Oper Berlin. Featured Jobs Near You.

Opera Profile: Mozart’s ‘La Clemenza di Tito’

Alfred Einstein in wrote that it was “customary to speak disparagingly of La clemenza di Tito and to dismiss it as the product of haste and fatigue,” and he continues the disparagement to some extent by condemning the characters as puppets — e.

Tito is the Roman Emperor. Alone with Annio and Sesto, Tito tells them of the change in his marriage plans. He has chosen Servilia from among the women of Rome to be his wife. Tito struggles with his feelings and his conscience, then decides to remain faithful to his policy of leniency and tears up the death sentence. L’Almanacco di Gherardo Casaglia in Italian.

The other characters except Tito enter severally and react with horror to the burning Capitol.

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