I like Tarantino, but I hate Death Proof and so does he. For some, th best way to get into his filmmography is to start from the begining, with the Pusher movies. It may also represent him acknowledging that he came from evil and can therefore not deny it anymore. His movies always connect emotionally to me. CJ Holden on Pre-Oscar thoughts I love this kind of cinematic courage that is such a wonderful contrast and antidote to the usual cinematic cowardice we see in Hollywood big studios so often to the point of nausia.

Before long the family is sending hitmen after the dad, and Chang is sending cops after the hitmen, and the family is sending other guys after the cops…. With the exception of the character of Mai the prostitute, every character in this movie are monsters in himan shape, and Chang is one of those, if not the most. Even if some of the attempted symbolism in his work is lost on me I appreciate the power of his imagery. During the whole movie, the Gosling-character floats in a sort of moral limbo, tempted by both sides, trying to do and be good, but in the end he succumbs and meets the devil. The principal characters captivate our interest, and we want to know more about their motives and backstories, but Refn deliberately withholds. You had another who were not only sober but were just as into cars as the villain and thus were able to fight him on his own terms. Sometimes real life can be even strange then the most surreal thing Refn can put in his movies.

This is a guy who eats your babies:.

You can use images and sound and motion and editing and performance to convey ideas that could never be told with words. Being shocked at movie geeks on the net turning on Nolan something I personally have yet to see BTW but am not surprised about is like being shocked at the fact that RuPaul has a penis. Any of them could easily be the lead in a spin-off or prequel novie are loners, each capable of horrific things, each operating according to a personal code that transcends social norms or group morality.

But to me, some of the best movie experiences come from undiluted filmatism like this. Sparse and ambiguous absolutely, but there is an element of terror that pierces through at critical points which definitely kept my attention. To be fair, the only movie of his I hate is Inception and his Batman movies are OK, if a little boring and aware of proud of how fascist they are.


Everybody got a couple of decent tough guy lines. Thanks for the review. Of course I like to read a little symbolism into some of it, but Fhll think it also works taken literally. I think an goc could be made that it stops the movie dead, and for not very good mivie.

Steven Mine on Pre-Oscar thoughts But not all the way. There are kids training with pads and fighting in a ring with a referee. Please, sir, your style is making me uncomfortable.

But I think there are some versions of karaoke where you have to actually know the song without help. Unlike God, the devil does not forgive people and has an old-testament-type sense of absolute justice and absolute punishment. And I agree with him. The scene where Chang executes his wouldbe assassin in front of the young boy is scored like a horror movie, with that deep, sinister bass pulse adding so much tension to an already tense moment.

He mutilates people and then goes to sing bland karaoke in a little club for about a dozen of his fellow officers, who watch expressionlessly. Not sure what to say about this movie. Nothing wrong with that at all. So, in the same way that Hamlet from the perspective of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern is a frightening and confusing puzzle, an action hero from the perspective of a second-tier villain must seem like some kind of terrifying godlike force of nature.

He starts having these visions while watching a woman masturbate.

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Yeah, I think it takes a bit of the punch out of the movie when the big thematic climax of the film is something middle schoolers are taught when they read Lord of the Flies. It was as if somebody was making the movies i wanted to watch and as antidote to the usual Hollywood big blockbluster dreck. I saw the Gosling-character as someone constantly trying not to become evil, inly to become seduced, torn apart by his surroundings: Ancient Romans, i do know what you are talking about, and Beyond The Balck Rainbow has become one of my all time favorite movies.


Bay may be distictive, but his control over anything but forbives is non-existant.

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Complete archive of forgiges Geocities era version still available at http: Made up for it in the end, though. Only god forgives is about him, then. Only one person left. Casey, there might be a Dredd sequel after all. And not like your standard run-of-the-mill cop care.

I never really cared for Nolan. Death Proof is just a part of it. Hey Vern, longtime reader, first time commenter. The visuals were top inline but the score is what really did it for me.

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It also forgibes his super-worldly skills and his immediate sense — in the beginning of the movie — that the Gosling-character is not the guy they are looking for at that moment.

No I was thinking of that other documentary from years ago.

And yes, verbal exposition in movies can be very cinematic, although many times it is not. Those songs are on the soundtrack CD, by the way.

I guess i could say his movies connect to me. I am desperate to see this film, but probably will not have the chance to see it until the weekend. Anyway, I goe dug Only G-d Forgives.

It was one of my favorite details, how dare this inline called a complaint? He also talked a bit about the symbolism in the movie, specifically the equation of sex and violence, saying that he wanted to explore the idea of the punching fist being like sexual penetration.

That would really help me out. Mouth, that was quite a thesis you did above. There are no bad genres, only bad filmmakers. Like, Dredd knows it is set in a horribly fascist world, but plays it straight and lets us know how evil that all is without beating our heads about it. Those days are gone. I think this one will reward multiple watches.

The Way of the Samurai Bangkok Revenge. No need to novie those pickaxes at his pedestal anymore.

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