Wolf Heritage Double Watch Winder. One way to guarantee that your watch will be ready to wear whenever you want is to purchase a watch winder. Executive watch winders are made to look obsolete next to this world-class winder. October 4th, 4. Operates on four AAA Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements.

I would not spend so much on a winder. This Orbita watch winder is in like new condition. Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. Those who only accept the finest accessories will be drawn to this watch winder from WOLF, one of the most trusted brands in the industry. The watch module is housed in a brilliantly designed stainless steel cylinder protected by a thick layer of plastic. Finished with carbon fiber and with a black leather interior, this watch winder is second to none.

Wolf Viceroy Single Watch Winder. The case opens by splitting evenly along its midline with the push of a single button.

Top 19 Best Watch Winders For Men – Keep Your Timepiece Ticking

What is your return policy? Most of the battery-powered watch winders can operate using batteries or AC power supply.

For details, please see our Return Policy. Please see our Shipping Policy for details.

Sparta 1 Bold Black (Outlet) | Orbita Watchwinders

All automatic, self-winding watches will need a watch winder. Discerning watch collectors with larger collections might require more simultaneous winding power, and this winder can deliver. Orbita Watch Winders Refine Results. Both the base and the stainless steel mounting cylinder with mounted watch fit se Do you carry any battery-operated winders? The most civilized examples of premium watches require winding in order to remain functional since they forgo expensive and cumbersome batteries.


That motion causes a rotary pendulum or rotor inside the watch to rotate or oscillate and wind the mainspring.

It has krbita for up to eight watches at once, and it has variable speed settings ranging from to revolutions per day. Never attempt to manually turn the watch winder motor because this will damage the unit. Its Japanese Mabuchi motor is best in its class, and there are numerous rotation settings to choose. Versa Neo Single Watch Winder. Take this winder with you.

Help Forgot your password? October 1st, 3. The motor is controlled via two internal LCD screens, and it safely stores your premium watches. The term “self-winding” is a misnomer because the watch cannot actually wind itself. We are a fully out,et dealer.

Are watch winders loud when operating? It is free of nicks and scratches. For those who consider themselves perfectionists, this winder is the perfect addition to prbita collection of watches and watch accessories.

Yes, some of our winders can be operated by batteries. Yes, all of the watch wagch that we carry come with a warranty from the manufacturer. It conveniently keeps you from having to reset or adjust the watch after any unused period. The result is movement that more naturally matches the natural movement of the wrist, which in turn provides more efficient winding.


Operates on four AAA What is your exchange policy? What payment methods do you accept? Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements.

March 9th, Designed to independently wind up to nine 9 automatic watches, this watchwinder c Results orbitq to 6 of 6. If I’m not planning to wear my automatic for more than a few days I’d just let it run down so I’m not concerned about wearing the watch out while on the winder.

I had a Fortis watch with a movement that I wore this way and damaged because Outlst hand wind it to full turns after a hiatus. Rotorwind is wwinder in that it swings, oscillates, an automatic watch, rather than rotating it. I have a single automatic that I wear daily but occasionally take the weekends off or swap in a quartz ABC sport watch and the power reserve on my automatic doesn’t get me to Monday.

The motors have multiple winding settings and allow for customizable settings for each watch inside. Its motor is silent as a mouse, and the carbon fiber inlays are both sleek and sophisticated. With all that out in the open, I’m perfectly content with my Versa winder.

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