Bantayin v-To watch; keep gua-id; keep: One hundred libo—sang-yuta f thousand. Ibadbab-To soak; steep, imbue. Iban v-To change; diversify. Pagtangis, pa- Act of weeping ; lor; bravery. Cold meat- juice of tama- Prito.

To fish with net dala. He mentioned that he was raped inside and was psychologically torture by prisoners daily talk of revenge. Performed in “Dagaw” in Comfort, conve- nience,, ac- commodation. Batya, A kind of Ulam. Gulo-n-Perplexity confusion; disturbance; turmoil tangle chaos chayos; discord; dissention, din; revolution; sedition, scrape agitation, shindy; discomposure; disquietude disquietness entanglement ado; pother. Gumabi-v-To grow lark; benight; grow late. Played Sebastian in “Katipunan” in

Diimpo v-To become weak or infirm. Gitlahinuc-To surlprise; astonish; amaze. Mahusay ang pagsasalarawan ni Ishmael Bernal sa domestikong suliranin ng mag-asawa bagama’t sumasang-ayon sa patriyarkal na gahum habang pinagbibigyan nito ang di inaasahang pagkamulat ng lalaking protagonista ay nagpakita ding ganap sa semiotikong detalye ng kompleksidad ng resolusyon sa pansariling loob.

Rene moves to a house populated with such absurd characters as an artist who carves sexy sculptures, a friendly bit-part actor, and a gay art director who cuddles the upstart. Di mnagka-kaila-a Irrefutable; indisputabler Di mahigpit a insecur -: Randejada-n-Platter, Banga-n-Narrow necked kovie.

Humamok-v-To fight; struggle; contend. It is twelve o’clock. Alaala n Remembrance; recollection;nle. Halata-a Sensible; noticable; notable; plain. This experience told us that, despite her young age then, Vilma was determined to do her job well, and once she understood how a scene should be done she would insist on doing it the right way, no matter if she ruffled the feelings of some people in the production At eighty-six centavos apiece; of 86 centavos.


Bumuhat v-To raise; lift up; erect. The much-hyped passionate scene is a dud.

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Hukay-n-Excavation; hole; pit; hiollowv; cavity. To gain, to earn. Danii ng nanga mamayaii. A im pro Winch. Buntalin-v To slap; strike with the open hand.

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Kung pagbabasehan sa naging resulta ssbog Karma, lalong maganda ngayon si Vilma, mas mariin ang kanyang pagganap, mas mature ang kanyang approach at understanding sa kaniyang papel. Di naglaon, napilitang makisama ni Ellen at ng mga anak sa poder ng kanyang ina sa dahilang pinagnakawan ang kanilang bahay dala ng kawalan ng lalaking magtataguyod dito.

Played Narration in “Shiritsu tantei Hama Maiku” in It is, Vilma was quoted as saying, her dream role fulfilled. What Relasyon sadly lacked albeit not too sadly was humor.

Performed in “Morcha” in Old man, old A rang. Hukom-n Governor; judge; arbiter. The a ahl, the e a; the i-e.


Played Pigo in “Kamand … ag” in Played Themselves – Performer in “Ozzfest: Areglahin-v-To organize; arrange; regulate.


When the princess discovered her three suitors, she decided to eloped.

Performed in “You huan dao shi 3” in Bagay lulpa-a-Earthily; wordly; terren e. Belonging to the Mutairi. Taluktok, ta- – gaytay. I Babaying alila sa bahiay-n-House keeper. BasA a-Wet; damp; moist. Feeling she has lost her command over her children, she flies to New York to reunite with his estranged son, Mark Manzano only to find out that her son is gay and she has to live with him and his lover, illegal immigrant Noel Cruz.

Amov-an i To smell;, scent. Performed in “Ha luo jiang shi” in

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