Fortunately, the main temple was not touched. When the idol of Siva is made bare for the dip, the priest asks the people to have close darsana and note the faint marks of Lotus, Cakra, etc. The second stanza is not found in this edition of Vydsa Siksd. It sees the greatest value in the one Brahman without a second. The pronunciation of s transliterated as c by the editors of tAe Taw7 presents even greater difficulties. Divasada kumde kumdisugum-ayuvan-ayuge vela- gomdad-em Bavol-aligum sarirara. In any case the loss of the vowel brings about a kind of falling tone. The frightened poet prays to God Virupaksa, who suddenly appears on horse, in the dress of a horseman of the king and saves the two.

Tam, ceti ceti ruci 8. A very valuable collection of old sculptures, architectural pieces and icons from the different parts of Kathiawar and Gujerat has been made and exhibited in the Museum. The sculptured panels and pillars were demolished. Chapekar refers to the India office MS referred to by me already in this paper. Uddhavaduta of Rajavallabha Misra, They are upheld as ultimate and not instrumental. Sk’L dhara dhyana sasana catanam janaki canaki 2. The frequent references to Vajralepa in the literary works of Sanskrit and the occurrence of the word in its origi- nal or metamorphosed form in the sense of an adamantine cement in almost all languages of India from the Nepali in the North to the Malayalam in the South, show that Lepas like Vajralepa were once widely used throughout India.

Hence is his sutra P. All the servants of humanity are of one opinion in praising the benefits of scientific technique. The Brahmana frankly relates his ways to the chief; he would put on his body, with- epixode even bathing, stripes of ash, go to the river-side for reciting the Samkalpa for the bathers parassparam all castes and especially for Vaisyas and Sudras; he would receive fees or beg; he would just get some wet clothes as fees in services, and these he would sell away; would conduct Tarpanas and Ama sraddhas; would sometimes snatch his dues and at other times, lend petty cash; would pose as a yogin; would perform the Abhiseka of Siva- lihga; would take pilgrims round the old Peepal tree of Srigiri Bhatta, the shrines of Gunja Madhava, Patala Virupaksa and Pampambika ; would expound the greatness of Mother Goddess ; would receive presents from ladies, would conduct Puja in the temple of Pampapati ; and would hang about latdst abodes of the wealthy visitors.


Science in some manner or other has affected and paraspparam our world view. Human life is something definite which has to be lived in the light of these values.

He figures in the last chapter the Uttaraturyakanda and, along with a poet, goes to the forest on the other side of the Tungabhadra for sight- seeing. It lent its surplus funds to people in times of distress and in return arranged for religious services to the deities.

Pramada in Sanatsujatiyara, It is evident from what has been observed above that Vajralepakalka, Vajrakalka, Vajratarakalka and Episodw ghatayogaare definitely intended to be used as cements or plasters in the construction of houses, stone images, wells, etc. I shall cite a few famous cases of wilful destruction of our ancient monuments. This date of composition is recorded in the India Office MS. The festivals close with Avabhrtha. For this purpose of making the loan words easy of pronunciation, Tamil sometimes drops out whole syllables either at the beginning of the word, or in the middle, or at the end Tolkappiyanar: Siva, at that time, came there with Parvati to enjoy the fun of this marriage.

Village committees, 47, The poor people did their layest to prevent this destruction and spoliation of a venerated edifice by the servants of a government that could show no title to it, but, of course, without success; they were only punished for contempt. Have they placed the arrow on the bow- string?

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U daycLSundarlkatha of Soddhala. Pdniniyasiksd, on dhrta, The introductory part of this historical introduction varies from king to kmg.

They are Truth, Beauty and Goodness. These facts point out that a few bits of matter moving in space cannot furnish reason for their exis- tence.

The first reference to Vidyaranya in this work is to his found- ing the city of Vidyanagara. Safifron-water is dashed on people.

Siva came and telling the wife that he was a doctor and would bring her husband back to life, examined the miser’s pulse. Poets now sing verses on the difference that has arisen between Siva and Parvati. XIV been very clearly heard. Trumpets are blown 1.

Sooraj recovers

Archaeological department, on preservation of monuments, 95 The Brahmana is afraid and prays to God Virupaksa to save him from wild beasts. Ahobala, the Virpupaksa Vasan- totsava Campu of, W e know that the Vedantadhikaranaratnamalika which seems to be ascribed here to the chief is usually ascribed to Bharati Ttrtha Anandasrama edn.


Therefore the first syllable must have a rising tone, in order to reach the height of the second. In a number of Sanskrit words, one of the two mem- bers is dropped before the word is admitted into Tamil ; — e. Anegondi Kiskindha XIV the commentator of the M ahdbharata?

The original documents were generally on cadjan leaves or copper plates and these leaves or copper plates were deposited for the sake of safe custody in the temple treasury— the Bhanddram.

The motion of bodies is lates to be not arbitrary but determined by definite laws, e.

XIV such a family. Goda Varma, University, Trivandrum. Reminded of the hunt-festival, the two rush back. Every transaction is recorded to have taken place in a particular regnal year of a king.

The crowds refresh themselves with cool water. The use of this Kalka is also, like that of Vajralepa. Chapekar refers to the India office MS referred to by me already in this paper. It is clear that they are not the names of a country ; but they appear to have been terms commonly in use in ancient Karnata to denote an obligation, probably military in character, owed to a lord by his dependants.

SlokavartHka anew work The pulp of fruits mentioned above is to be dried in the sun before they are powdered. Bhaktavatsala temple, It is not so. Torana in Indian architecture88, There is also need for greater co-ordination between the departments of Epigraphy and Archaeology so that we may derive the fullest benefit by their collaboration.

While others go away to rest, the temple priests are able to take only a short rest, for there is the daily festival Nityotsava to be carried on.

Vira-Pandya, 30, 31, 32, The royal orders, the grants and decisions of public bodies like the village assembly tir or Sabhathe merchant guilds NagaramProvincial assemblies The Nadu and the gifts of private individuals were all recorded and engraved on temple walls. Bellari Balari ,

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