New Escapists episode with the winners of the t-shirt cellfie contest as inmates and guards! Let’s play Stardew Valley! It started with a power supply failure followed very closely by a hard drive crash which took my entire Steam library down! I know lots of parents of kids that watch my Youtube channel follow me here on Facebook but don’t really have their finger on the pulse of my activity on YT so wanted to make sure you all know I have a new T-shirt available, if interested! Underwear worn for his Breaking Bad special [38]. Punchwood finally gets a girlfriend!

Hope that sounds like a good plan to you because I am really stoked about this! This page was last modified on 4 March , at While attending college, GB was known as “Generic Bluesman” while playing in a band known as The Sun Tea Bandits, meeting the other member of the band through his job as a server at Red Lobster. It’s much easier and more sensible to concentrate on proven, on-going series than it is to start something new, which requires research and development, learning, trial and error, play-testing, making artwork, etc. In this episode, Papa Smurf hunts two mega boss zombies; a firebreather and a lightning shooter! Add to that, sending 2 kids off to college, business emergencies, furnace trouble, faulty computer parts, car repairs, college and high school sports, … and, well you get the idea! Stardew Valley – “First Girlfriend!! In this episode, we learn some basics of farming with a guided tour, that ends terribly abruptly!

Modded Minecraft HQM “. Here it is, in case you missed it! Sir, You Are Being Hunted. We’ll see how paulsoaesjr goes! Generikb was married on 5 November What Happened to Minecraft?!


Hello Neighbor Pre-alpha is now available for download! Hello Neighbor gameplay and announcement of Open Pre-Alpha free download! Generikb was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He moved regularly throughout his schooling due to his father’s work.

The Sims 3 Plus University Life.

The Escapists | S6E09 “Officer Punchwood!” | HMP Iro…

Stardew Valley – “First Girlfriend!! What does that mean for us? Please use the talk page for contact. Unturned, Stardew, and ARK.

The Escapists: Fort Bamford Escape

Really looking forward to it! Better late hte never! New Stardew Valley episode here! Spacesuit skin for his Blast Off! Views Read Edit View history. I know many of you have been waiting very patiently for this day to arrive so thanks for your patience!

Thanks for reading and thanks for your continued support!

My name is Andrey and I would really like to know your opinio … n about my game. He says he originally made his skin to suit his natural play style. Retrieved from ” http: Farming Simulator – Getting Started!

This page has been accessedtimes. Could paulwoaresjr play it, paklsoaresjr tell if it is interesting to you, if not – what are its drawbacks, what do you need to change.

Generikb is the founding member of the HermitCraft.

The Escapists | S6E09 “Officer Punchwood!” | HMP Irongate | Day 9 – Vloggest

GB studied electronic and computer engineering in college. Stay tuned to find out soon! Papa Smurf follows clues to locate the mysterious “Soul Crystal” fragment that is believed to be hidden in the St Petersburg subway tunnels!

While attending college, GB was known as paulsoareskr Bluesman” while playing in a band known as The Sun Tea Bandits, meeting escapksts other member of the band secapists his job as a server at Red Lobster. He created the server in April as a way to collaborate with other Let’s Players. Generikb’s skin is a hermit. Later he expands his brewing and preserving operations!


A Tale of Two Sons. So here we are now, November 3rd, our mothers’ estates are settled, my computer is finally back to its old kick-butt self, Steam games are being reinstalled on a new big drive, soccer and field hockey seasons are over, and I feel like it’s time to start playing some fresh new games, and potentially some older favorites eg RimWorld, Escapists, etc!

A Letter From Silent Heaven”. Hillbilly skin for the B-Team ‘s western escapades [37]. Let’s play Farming Simulator ! That’s two estates that needed to be dealt with which is a load of work and obviously emotionally and physically taxing.

Underwear worn for his Breaking Bad special [38].

Farming Simulator – Night Life! Voir plus de contenu de Paulsoaresjr sur Facebook.

In this episode, Punchwood finally chooses a woman to date by giving her a bouquet of flowers! Hillbilly skin with boots [ citation needed ]. Generikb from his Child’s Play charity vlog.

New Escapists episode with the winners of the t-shirt cellfie contest as inmates and guards! On 4 FebruaryGenerikb said on Facebook that he is no longer interested in Minecraft.

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