But Irene is actually a boy and his actual name is Hyun Woo. Download the latest version here. The more I read the recap, the more I wanted to watch the drama – I’d have to wait for the DVD since viki doesn’t have it A more maniacal villain with a brain shows up. Noelle August 30, at Tapi siapa sangka jika bintang CF terkenal ini ternyata adalah seorang laki-laki? The scene where he has a fever and she helps him up and then he rests his sweaty head on her shoulder; and the hug after the pool rescue. I think he without the wig looks like a girl more than with it

Tapi siapa sangka jika bintang CF terkenal ini ternyata adalah seorang laki-laki? Please login or register. I’m laughing for 30 seconds reading this comment. Forgot to hit the reply button to Irene is missing from class the next day, so Geu-rim goes looking for her at her management company. Thanks again for recapping!

Kim Sun Woong

Then she peers between her fingers to sneak a look at all the pretty, glistening in slow-motion, soft-filtered backlighting. Episodes by odilettante.

The manager-hyung freaks out when Hyun-woo walks in and tries to stuff his head into a plastic bag. I enjoy this mini drama a lot. So thank you for the recaps for this drama, bringing me back to that other side of the drama world filled with rainbows and unicorns.


I won’t be surprised. I don’t see much of an Adam’s apple Thank you for bringing us recaps!! But Irene is actually a boy and his actual name is Hyun Woo.

She dreams of becoming a pop singer. Drama Korea pertama yang bercerita tentang kehidupan ka yang diproduksi oleh Tooniverse. I’m enjoying this little drama immensely. TaeJung falling in love with GeuRim. Thanks for the recap! God knows how much I need fluff right now. Melmax November 16, at A verification email has been sent to your new email address.

Atau malah menyadarkan Hyun Woo akan impian awalnya. The show continues with its frothy-light campus hijinks, and now our heroine finds herself entangled in this lie as well. It just sounds so cute and right up my inner teenager alley. Iya whatea, cuma 3 ep doang kok. Taegurin a mashup of their names. I wish hyun woo would find his real path: Too bad they forgot the camera. Penampilan Irene nampak seperti seorang bintang CF wanita walaupun dia sebenarnya laki-laki dengan nama asli Hyun Woo.


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Posted by aszlechai at 5: Aw, do you feel like an ass now? Thanks for the recap. Let’s Walk Together – Touch: This, of course, is all imagined. bky

November 04, That gave her a voy of encouragement, and made her want to get better to fulfill that promise. I say it can be done without it.

I still wouldn’t have minded a couple more episodes, though. Tooniverse, please, please, please, can you plleeeeaaasssee work this minidrama into a full series?

Surprisingly, he came back to attend in the same school as before. You can also find it on dramafever. Aw Hyun-woo, you big softie. Tae Joon justru sering bersikap norak demi mendapatkan perhatian sang pujaan hatinya, Irene.

When the news breaks that he really IS a girl

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