Tanveer hugs imran, who is distraught. Welcome, Login to your account. She says that if they find her dead body, then razia herself would be in problem. Zoya asks if he wont ever mend. Prateik says that the beauty of arrange match,how two strangers come together and fall in love and spend their lives with each other. Aarti says that she could relate to Prashant and could trust to spend her whole life with him just after their first meeting.

Asad asks her to stop scaring him. He says that he respects her view. Precap- Sr Scidhiya says that his decision was right. Tanveer tells about her asad connection. And says that he would definitely find the partner that would never hurt him. Ayan is ovcerwhlemed and hugs her tightly. Nazma says that its an everyday routine. Posted by Rahul Jain at

Newer Post Older Post Home. Ayan sees imran from the back, and asumes that its asad talking to a girl. And promotes his movie timings. Shobha opens the door and apologizes for delay.

Shobha agrees that she has been keeping quitet due to fear but wont stop her anymore. She says that for guys like him, people keep their girls confined and not allowed to have a normal life. She is tensed thinking of a way out. She wonders what games is tanveer upto now.

They supported her when no one else did. Tanveer tells imran to remember that she wont be gotten rid of easily. Welcome, Login to your account. She asks if he spent it, and he teases her saying that he spent it in her search.

Asad says that she too was right and can take her own descisions. They both think that nazmja has grown so much in such a less span of time. While ayan and rashid and shirin are discussing about family affairs, they are shocked when they hear someone calling out for rajni.


She slaps him tight on the face. Desiyvbox asks asad to tell the wish, in the hope that she might be able to fulfill it.

Sign in Recover your password. Inside, ayan gives a gift to nazma, saying that this is what is needed to be done by a brother. Zoya asks if he wont ever mend.

When zoya asks to sit,she says its better for her to stand as thats favourable for her to runaway easily. She qubooo Aarti that she has been a wonderful mother to Ansh and a loving daughter to them,ever since Prashant has gone.

Scindiya comes and asks Gayatri if she has talked to Shobha,as he doesnt want any drama at the exact moment. Dilshad tells asad that he wants her to get married. Scene shifts to Aarti and Shobha. Zoya calls out to imran, and sternly asks who was the lady that he was talking to and how he knows her, and what were they talking about.

Gayatri says to Vidhi that she is not forgetful,but has her own way of doing things. She again ignores and says that foofd is ready and aftre eating it he should have turmeric-milk for wounds to heal soon. She says that if they find her dead body, then razia herself would be in problem.

She tells asad that she has already got the gitfs and they are in the hall, and asks him to come along. She takes a blindfolded ayan to her room, where he is getting impatient. He is all the more confused.

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Ayan asks why are they marrying anyways. Tanveer says that she would tell everyone, if he doesnt fulfill his promises. He says that one who has always lived in silence gets into a habit of liking solitude. Tanveer eyes zoya with venom episodf her eyes, while zoya is relieved to have finally brought out the ful in front of asad. Zoya asks asad about his fifth wish.


She says that for guys like him, people keep their girls confined and not allowed to have a normal life. While the priest is boggled, humaira goes on to search for the husband. Asad says that he wants to be mad. She deduces that imran also isnt to be seen. Zeenat is angry at zoya and is taunting at her by asking the servants to get her glucose instaed of tea as she would be tired with the running. She says that its good that she would die praying, as she would straight go to heaven.

Gayatri says that she was just about to go. He says that there was one, but he cant fulfill it.

Punar Vivah: Punar Vivah 26th March Written Updates

Zoya is scared at this kind of stalking. Zoya searches around for the veiled lady. But he confuses her saying that god knows what has god kept in her reserve for tomorrow, when every next second is uncertain. Ayan replies til yesterday he didnt but now he does.

Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Dilshad tells that the two girls must have gone shopping for their marriage. But before asad can enter, he is acleed by nazma and he stops. Nazma says that its an everyday routine.

Punar Vivah: Punar Vivah 26th April Written Update

Ayan says that there are so many guests inside even his room. A password will be e-mailed to you. He says thats becausehe and not she is at fault. He asks why did she do that.

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