Early diagnosis and treatment is the most important factor influencing the recovery without neurological sequelae. The mean age of the patients was This study was conducted at tertiary care hospital from Hyderabad, South India between May to March Altered sensorium was present in 13 Mutations within DYSF gene located at 2p To evaluate cognitive function in patients of vascular dementia and to characterize the cognitive domain affection in different types of vascular dementia. Patients were subjected to detailed case proforma questionnaires and categorized under two groups typical and atypical Parkinsonism.

The other advantages of MRI were predicting the age and extent of thrombus, detecting subtle parenchymal lesions, micro-bleeds and additional sinus involvement not seen on CT. In our study, patients with VGKC encephalitis showed good response with steroids and Iv immunoglobulin, whereas NMDA-R encephalitis required plasmapheresis and immunomodulators in addition to steroids and had more morbidity. Freezing of gait FOG and other gait disturbances are common yet difficult to manage symptoms in Parkinson’s disease PD. Imaging showed osteomyelitis involving D6-D11 with soft tissue lesion in D8-D PET scan of the brain showed global hypometabolism with relative sparing of the left parietal and temporal lobes; patchy areas of preserved metabolism in bilateral cerebellar cortex. Negative predictive value of the test was Data were collected and they were divided into two groups Group1: Sensitivity and specificity of gene X pert was calculated.

Eventhough there was no statistical significance among core parameters obtained; this study reinforces the findings in terms of trends in FA values thereby establishing the role of DTI in diagnosing PD patients. He got admitted to our institution after discharge from the hospital in Dubai.


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We studied clinical profile and outcome in recently started epilepsy surgery programme in Nashik, India. The age at onset and the course can vary greatly from one patient to another. Active monitoring episodf appropriate and early intervention by the clinician will improve the quality of life of these patients and reduce the cost of prolonged mechanical ventilation and ICU stay.

Blood biomarkers may help us in differentiating the types of stroke and prognostication of outcome. Baseline MMSE scores showed no significant difference. Age ranged from 12 to 57 years average Blood for Aquaporin- 4 Ab was done in selected cases.

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SSR was un-recordable in 2 and 24 hour-Holter abnormal in 1. SPECT findings were abnormal in 7 Its clinical features include impaired cognition, psychosis, seizures, catatonia, movement disorders and autonomic instability. Ventilator requirement predicts radhx prognosis. Informed consent has been recorded from all patients. Our study adds to the body of evidence demonstrating a complex relationship between lifetime experiences and clinical expression of FTD.

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PVN is rare disabling disease. Intracranial tuberculomas are being reported as thick walled cavity on brain imaging. Aural fullness should be retained as a CAS while restlessness during attack should be incorporated. Relevant investigation Imaging and CSF study and specific etiology guided investigation done.


Other risk factors included: The prevalence of medication overuse headache was estimated. She had significant improvement in pain and is ambulatory with minimal motor weakness.

Sensitization block I N20 amplitude and impaired habituation if N20 101 of block 2 or 3 were not suppressed compared to block I were noted. Treatment outcome evaluated at 3 months.

Eclamptic patients with posterior leukoencephalopathy on MRI were having poor clinical presentation, more deranged biochemical markers and higher maternal and fetal deaths. Acute or sub-acute presentation mean symptoms duration However only 2 7.

The mean sleep onset latency was 3.

The present study looked at various blood biomarkers to differentiate the types of stroke and their relationship to outcomes. The essence of epileptic surgery is in identifying the epileptogenic zone.

To present three cases of optic perineuritis with varied clinical presentations.

Data were collected and they were divided into two groups Group1: All patients underwent clinical examination and tandem mass spectrometry.

This is a rare case where there is no improvement with immune modulation inspite of elevated antithyroid antibodies in a case of probable Cretzfeltd-jakob disease with features of Hashimotos encephalopathy. Meige’s syndrome is rare but the most common cause of cranial dystonia, characterized by blepharospasm and oro-facial dystonia.

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