Yamaha got the message and has entered two riders for the third and final round of the Dakar Series that will be run from September in Peru the official presentation will be held on July 9, Terranova and Webber near the target The argentine Orlando Terranova had a good day and retains the preferential position among the cars T1. We were fighting within 24 seconds, it was very close. Pilots from all around the world will come to Peruvian territories with one aim: Despres said after the stage that he still had not identified the mechanical problem. Over three days of racing, the Inca Desert will be explored via three two-lap loop stages. My entire team here at the rally, my family and my sponsors. The Brazilian team look poised to continue their great race.

I think the best part was tackling three gruelling stages with a total of over kilometres raced mostly on dunes. The registrations will open on June, the 4th of This major partnership between Mitsubishi Motors, the first automobile manufacturer in Japan and one of the main manufactures worldwide, will provide a fleet to transport the members of the Organisation in one of the most demanding events in the Dakar Series calendar. Cyril Despres gets right to the point with his implacable logic. With 24 years, Gianna Velarde has become one of the references of motorcycling in her country. The South Racing driver got an important victory in the Dakar Series on peruvian soil and takes a firm step towards his goal. Yesterday was too soft, with lots of fesh-fesh. For the third year in the row, Peru will organize one of the most important races of the year worldwide:

With 90 accredited journalists and countries ready to broadcast this big event, the ample media coverage will help the Dakar Series keep both domestic and global audiences on the edge of their seats.

The Brazilian driver intends to prove he is one of the forces to be reckoned with on the South American continent before the next Dakar. Sand here, sand there, sand everywhere awaits the competitors on the jaw-dropping deserts around Ica.

Your participation in the Desafio Inca will also be an important part of your preparation…. Attracted by the dunes of the Pisco region, which the Dakar seriss visited in andmany riders and drivers have seized the opportunity to come and test their mettle in a highly competitive environment, with a view to the edition that will start on 5th January next year in Rosario Argentina.

The eventual winner will win a free entry for the Dakar, which is a particularly coveted prize. The first special was a horror story, but the second one went well. We had to be constantly on the lookout aeries dunes require a great focus, but I was totally relaxed.


They are also coming with Jordi Viladoms who finished 2nd in the edition of the Dakar. It was a nice stage, no walk in the park. I frereyros out from behind and pushed hard to get to the top and get together with the rest of the pilots. Motorcycle rider David Casteu will be on the hunt for a win to crown his great performance, but rivals such as Daniel Gouet, the Prohens brothers, Juan Carlos Salvatierra and Pablo Quintanilla will certainly not go down without a fight. And that is precisely what we are doing for But careful preparation for the Dakar through an intermediate competition permits competitors to assess their level more accurately, to conduct tests on the vehicles, make adjustments and gain in confidence.

Ramon Ferreyros

I had some trouble with fog at the beginning. With some variations on the race route compared to the first day, and a delayed start due to the weather conditions, the race closed its second chapter with an open finish. The car category, one of those which have raised the most expectation, is sure to feature lots of action. There will be no better place to train and to position myself in the best conditions to start the rally.

The registrations will open on June, the 4th of The latter two will then make their way to the second loop for a km timed special.

I can fall but I will never give up, the Dakar will not forget me. A fantastic performance in the land of the Incas, where he tamed the awe-inspiring dunes of Ica beneath an unforgiving sun which pushed the riders to the limit. The competitors for the title up for swries in each category will find themselves in competitions running in parallel on the Desafio Inca. Inas inthe Peruvian leg turned out to be a selective and decisive event, both for the best drivers in the world, and ferdeyros amateurs who were discovering the sport.

Among the Ferreyro Open class, Juan Carlos Uribe made a solid performance to stay with the best stages times in the three days of competition, where he showed that he feels comfortable in these terrain types.

The best part was all this training, all these tests, lots of kilometres… That was the best part, to be honest. The bolivian adkar Marco Bulacia becomes the winner of the Dakar Series on the car category after the three stages run on the big dunes of the Ica desert. As rxmon, the real challenge will consist of crossing dunes and racing on sand.

Making matters even more interesting is the combined classification of the three events, in which a trophy will be rewarded to the Dakar Series champions, as well as a free entry for the Dakar. Almost 90 vehicles representing 14 nationalities will be vying for glory and a place on the final podium.


SxS: Currie rule his class and Uribe among the South Americans | Desafío Inca – Dakar Series

Today I feel we started on the right path. This stage will be different from the other two in that the cars will only face the first loop, with a km timed special which will also be tackled by the motorcycles and quads.

It will be the last opportunity of the year to grab a Dakar Challenge Wild Card, which will enable the three most deserving amateurs a motorbike driver, a quad-driver and a car crew to win free registration for the Dakar Fellow Chilean Daniel Gouet also stepped into the spotlight by taking the first section of the day and, all in all, putting on a great show in Ica. I must say I was quite inspired.

Bolivian rider Juan-Carlos Salvatierra is preparing his return with hard work. It has been two stages of much navigation, much off track. The car performed faultlessly.

The track is very similar to the Dakar, to what we did in the last Dakar. Some waypoints were difficult to find at the beginning. The edition of Expo Moto openedlast Friday sefies of July and welcomed during three days all enthusiasts for motorsports in the Jockey Club Exhibition Centre in Lima. The time has come.

Arrival podium in Huacachina David Casteu motorcycles and Ignacio Flores ramno won the stage, while Pablo Quintanilla motorcycles and Ignacio Casale quads defended their lead in the general classification. The 1, km course will feature link sections.

At the time of the announcement of his signing with Yamaha, Cyril Despres had also finalised his racing programme for the season. During its last two series, the Dakar Rally discovered areas in Peru that were particularly well suited to off-road rallies.

Now the leader of the Japanese fegreyros, Olivier is starting his season in Sardinia and expects to get up to speed in two Dakar Series events that he has already marked on his calendar: Last but not least, the Dakar Challenge will also be a clear objective for rookies aiming to take home one of the free spots on offer for the Dakar Rally and amass as much experience vakar possible.

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