After failing miserably at that, Karl eats 62 grapes in three minutes; 71 shy of the record. Ricky’s got a hangover, and the second week of Rockbusters. Soon things were back to normal, with Ricky and Steve equally entertained and scornful of Karl’s peculiar outlook on life. Monkey News–the chimp cyclist, on the tricycle, in the London-Brighton bike ride. Sign in with Twitter. Podcast smart and easy with the app that refuses to compromise.

There are 51 shows from Xfm Series 2 in circulation and each show has an individual page detailing its contents. Soon things were back to normal, with Ricky and Steve equally entertained and scornful of Karl’s peculiar outlook on life. This time, it’s Hastings. Hankies in back pockets, Karl has the research. It’s also a great way to discover new podcasts. Simply use your existing Facebook or Twitter account to login to podrot.

Seies gets annoyed that Ricky can’t record links for next week’s ‘Best Of’ show because he must leave immediately after the show to go on holiday.

Of course it was possible–the car was an automatic. Educating Ricky has its fifth installment.

Ricky has done his back in wrestling. This time, it’s Hastings. Karl records his screen test for MTV today. Just what you need.

XFM Vault – S02E22

Karl’s been off ill – much to Ricky’s disgust – a new feature is born and tension between Karl and Stephen comes to a head. Sign in with Facebook. Ricky investigates the effects of blunt objects on the skull, Stephen’s feelings are hurt and Karl explores his sexuality. Claire Sturgess stands in for a sick Karl. Another ‘Best of’ compilation. Educating Ricky is back for its fourth installment.


Steve runs to the local McDonald’s to fetch 5 hamburgers for Karl to stuff in his mouth in an attempt to break a world record. Guides you to smart, interesting podcasts based on category, channel, or even specific topics.

Claire Sturgess fills in for Karl, who is in Madeira with Suzanne and her parents. Claire Sturgess is stepping in for Karl who is on holiday with Suzanne’s parents in Madeira. Shaving one’s arse, feeling testicles, owl on a desk, Maggie the Magpie, “do you know the way to Camden? Player FM might just be it. Easy and intuitive to use. Karl gets excited about conjoined twins but less enthused about the literary implications of infinite monkeys.

The debut of Karl in a Film.

Podrot | Summary | Ricky Gervais | The Ricky Gervais Show on XFM, Series 2

Karl going on Holiday to Cornwall this coming weekanxious about going to Monkey World–twice. And as well as through his opinions and anecdotes, Karl also contributed to the series with several features such as ‘Rockbusters’, ‘Monkey News’ and ‘Educating Ricky’. This site is funded by ad revenue. Answers to Grvais of Phrase and Monkey news–the chimp that won the meter race in the London Olympics an’ that.

Xfm Series 2 – Pilkipedia

Ricky and Stephen are adamant that Karl should appear on the show’s poster and more interest groups are offended. Ricky, Karl and Steve break the law on-air for the first time as Karl gets curious about the extent of Derren Brown’s powers.


Xfm Series 2 ran from August to August Steve’s great New Year’s party in Bristol: Ricky and Steve are astounded to learn that Karl bought his girlfriend an industrial-sized box of condoms for Christmas. Karl introduces the new feature Educating Ricky and it’s the very first week of Rockbusters.

Karl gets all three ‘educating’ stories in back-to-back.

Karl laughs on air. Ricky and Steve interview Karl to re-introduce him to the listening public. Six stars for Chromecast gervas. Programmer gives this app a lot of love and attention and it shows.

Karl’s not buying his girlfriend Suzanne anything for Christmas because he’s taking her out for dinner. Ricky explains how Jonathan Gervaix sees him as “a predatory gay”. Ricky is incensed that the show didn’t win any Sony Awards and gives Karl money to perform degrading, homoerotic tasks. Karl getting ready to go on holiday again.

Vowing to improve the show after last week’s Sony seriess, Ricky consults Dr. Try us out on any web browser — desktop, mobile, or tablet.

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