Wily explains that Dr. Though MegaMan’s system tests normal, MegaMan begins causing mischief, leading to his eventual arrest. Count Zap also assists Mr. Together, they stand and watch Duo’s comet, signifying Maylu too received the Crest of Duo. Program of Light and Dark premiered in Japanese theaters on March 12, When I first started to watch test. A rivalry quickly builds between Maddy and Tesla. MegaMan jacks-in to the core of the program to stop Regal, and Bass also appears.

The Darkloids thus escape. However, Iriya may be innocent when he tries to protect Raika from JapanMan. Articles containing Japanese-language text Episode list using the default LineColor. However, Mac and Harry unintentionally appear in a submarine with the NetSavers during a virus examination, and they lose control of their NetNavi. Episode summaries – online Megaman online – the source for anime! In the end, he is rescued by Ms.

Lan and Maylu visit an orbital elevator that reaches into space. MegaMan attempts to stop him but fails, receiving a painful bite on the neck as he falls. Beams of light are tearing through cities all over the world, deconstructing anything they touch into network data.

Lan and Dex travel to Choina in hopes of finding a medicine for an spisode panda bear in DenTech’s zoo. Lan, who is returning an item Yui lost, encounters the problem and battles with StoneMan through Cross Fusion, as Yui had panicked and slotted the Dimensional Chip in. Clumsy Yui receives Asteroid StoneMan who gives her the power to turn anything she touches into stone.

Maylu intervenes and helps Lan defeat NovaMan and stop the meteor. When Inukai gets in trouble, his frustration attracts Slur, and he is given Asteroid SavageMan to get adess.


List of MegaMan NT Warrior episodes (Stream) – Wikipedia

Dex has returned to DenTech City and, giving up his dreams of being the strongest NetBattler, has now embraced a life as a curry chef. Meanwhile, many people in Choina wish to steal Cardamom’s medicinal secrets, so Lan and Dex team up with Jasmine to help stop such a villain.

Do you ever stay at home with nothing better to do than watch tv. However, Viddy and Inukai steal the totem pole along with other rare items, so Lan, Dingo, and Shanka work together to recover the ancient relics. After the incident, Chaud receives the Crest of Duo, and he decides to continue investigation in Netopia while Lan returns home.

Episode summaries – online Megaman online – the source for anime! Wily offers Dusk the opportunity to live his own life outside of hired assassin work by giving him a SynchroChip, and with it, Dusk CrossFuses and rescues the boys.

Read the topic about test. Hikari visit Taneka Island to help with the launch of a satellite.

K – English – Family – Chapters: There is no official confirmation on the movie’s exact placement in Stream’s storyline. Regal needs the data within the Crests of Duo to achieve access to the power within Duo’s comet. Hikari to Yami no Program. MegaMan has startling dreams where he murders his NetNavi friends, and he becomes nervous when he learns his friends were injured the night before.

Regal gains access to Duo’s power and begins his attack on Earth, but Duo kills him before axees the erasure of Earth. Mac and Harry, two criminals Manuela is pursuing, receive Asteroid GravityMan, and to get revenge on Manuela, they use him to shift gravity and make Manuela believe she is putting on weight.


However, Lan and Chaud convince him to spare their planet, and Duo challenges them to prove humankind’s worth.

Lan and Chaud manage exxe defeat dpisode, but MegaMan finds himself captured by none-other-than Bass. Home Media English Subs test. Mari’s apartment, Dingo returns to his village, Jasmine goes back to her grandfather’s home, Raika receives a warm welcome from his pet dog from AxessPrincess Pride has a photo of Episode 44’s vacation framed and put in her office, and Dusk celebrates with World Three at the curry shop. Yuri into a trap to steal her Crest of Duo.

As a result, Manuela is overcome with the need to diet and exercise. Mari ultimately wins the contest, and both Charlie and Tesla receive Crests of Duo.

Hikari and Famous bring the CrossFusion Members together at the beach for special training, but the training session is really just a relaxing vacation in the sun to help calm their nerves.

Once there, however, they become entangled in Tesla’s next plan as she hijacks the elevator. Lan and Chaud are led to Netopia to investigate a strange virus disturbance near a research center.

Rockman.EXE Axess Episode 32 Discussion

Program of Light and Dark. Soon, strange activity begins occurring when giant-sized Mettaur viruses begin terrorizing DenTech City. Stream premiered spisode Japan on October 2,exactly one week after Axess concluded.

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