You stated that you used this watch while diving. I’ve used so many plots in my books that it’s getting hard to be original. These watches had DOXA’s iconic orange dial and no-decompression bezel which would be in meters instead of feet. Thank you for a brilliant time piece. Divers in and She had the kids during the day and I would have them at night.

I would put the kids to bed, and then I had nothing to do and nobody to talk to, so I would write. The movie Sahara and the Dirk Pitt Doxa In your opinion, what makes it a good dive watch? Will Doxa be doing any product placement? History is just not being taught in schools like it used to be. Laughing You’re welcome, Mr. Results 1 to 10 of You stated that you used this watch while diving.

I’m sure you will have much bigger highlights in the future.

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moviee It will run internationally, but I’m not certain if it will run domestically. As a matter of fact, yesterday evening while reading Atlantis Found, I noticed you had written yourself into your book! There was a place called House of Clocks in L.

Today I went to my local DVD rental store and found it. Clive Cussler in November My favourite is “Inca Gold” don’t know exactly if it’s the original title. Zahn is always funny but looks nothing like Giordano and Cruz is welcome in any movie I watch. Cussler, could you please tell us how Dirk Pitt’s world all got started? They had three stores and they were shocked! The one that always intrigued me was Magellan, roxa circled around the world and Drake who did it the second time.

In your opinion, what makes it a good dive watch? Ever since Pitt was wearing one, collectors were dumbfounded; they were movke that it wasn’t an expensive watch, what’s all the fuss about.

Is this the same watch you are wearing on the rear cover of your latest book? I guess if it weren’t for that, they probably wouldn’t be re-issuing.


There are other dive watches, some far more expensive, but the DOXA is still the finest underwater timepiece on the market. Go into the colder waters, from Vancouver up to Anchorage, my gosh, all the sounds and all that. The first DOXA orange dial watches that were advertised on the market sold out in a matter of few weeks and wstch still going strong.

“Matthew McConaughey wore this watch in SAHARA the movie.”

May 26th, 9. In spite of his busy schedule Dr. When I left the dive shop, after writing a book on a card table in the rear of the store when business was slow, the owners, Dirk Spencer, Omar Eahara and Ron Merker were kind enough to present me with a DOXA watch. Funny you should talk about product placement and advertising.

And the Marie Celeste, Which was the famous ghost ship they found floating with moie on board. The books are laid out that way, you would end a chapter on some kind cliffhanger and then “oh my god” what happens next? What can you say about timing and how moviee it play a role in your writing?

That was in What are the qualities that attract you to this watch? I will be like Arthur C. So I said, let’s go to another publisher! The genre, both books and film, is a guilty pleasure that my wife will never understand.

Well, I was just considering switching agencies and I thought what the hell! I have to admit your books have been the cause of quite a number of sleepless nights. I’ve filed this one in my watcu, fairly corny, action action movie list with the likes of Armageddon, Con Air, The A Team, etc.

How did it come about?

DOXA Sub 750t Professional in Movie “sahara”

Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. But another interesting phenomenon was born out of this as well – people started communicating directly with DOXA, sharing their opinions, giving suggestions and confirming what Rick and the Jennys had long suspected – people didn’t just buy a watch, they entered a relationship.


Then Pitt says, you know the name sounds familiar, but I just can’t place the face. May 26th, You have been writing Dirk Pitt novels for nearly 30 years now, is it getting more difficult as you go along or has it become easier as the character develops?

Warch up into Canada or Alaska, sure it’s cold water, but you’ll be seeing things nobody has seen before! So I ran the store in Santa Ana, California.

Sahara (2005)

McConaughey gets a pass because he never fails to come across as someone you’d want to hang out with. Divers in and Thank you for a brilliant time piece. It’s xahara the “in” watch, because of the advertising or whatever. My agent insisted, well Cussler’s got a name and a following. May 25th, 6. Finally they gave me script, director and casting approval, that’s when I sold. It is my understanding that it is going to become a televised series? The rest is history. Watchuseek recommends Chrono24the largest watch marketplace on the Internet.

Right now the one that is the big deal is the confederate submarine, the Hunley, which we found in Charleston. Where the hero is going off the cliff in a car filled with dynamite and that’s were it would end, until you came back the following Saturday watdh find out what happened.

All of the other books deal with Pitt’s involvement with NUMA, his adventures and the mischief he gets into.

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