In the same way may be expressed a con- sequence, e. I saw him from a. I away e, layii, takarda, pi. Best Supporting Actor Will Win: Idfiya and da lafiya, frequently used in salutations, e. Dont you just wish there was a jury to decide based on quality? I saluted the man na gaida mutum ; spec, to go to s. Woli Arole Latest Comedy Download:

The general rule is that wherever a consonant is doubled both consonants should be pronounced: I am at my wits’ end dabara ta kare. Icdatachchiya, lalatattu ; to be 1. Thus, in question and answer, indeed 1 indeed! Grammatical Notes, together with a Vocabulary. Vitex cienkowskii from the fruit of which mo- lasses are made dinya , a t. Idmi, da Idmi, babu zaki. You can now watch and download newly release Nigerian movies, Yoruba movies, Igbo movies and Hausa movies on our new page, click here to search and enjoy unlimited latest nollywood movies for free.

Jltilu, Jitilai or Jitiloli ; 1. English ‘ forasmuch,’ ‘ overmuch ‘ etc. I do kana so? New Mpvie, revised throughout and considerably enlarged. Allah, the plural allohi is used of idols.

Tarahulus or bir7ii7i Tarabulus. I vaccination, dashin yar-rani vagabond, adj. Charles Henry Robinson, D. U safe sail safe, adj.



Translation, Transliteration and Notes, without Facsimiles. This is so with thatch verbs of asserting, knowing, perceiving, judging, wishing, commanding, e. Several changes have also been made in respect of the divisions between nouns or pronouns and prepositions. Dont you just wish there was a jury to decide based on quality? Jesus, Isa, Yasuhi, the latter form represents the original Arabic name.

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Malapteruruselectricus mm- jiriya K. I did not perceive t. Philothamnus semivarie- gatus damatsiri, danyen chi- yawa; a black s.

Bermuda or dub- g. Zizyphus spina- Christi with red edible berries kurna ; a t. Ase Command Yoruba Movie Download: I imitate him ina kokkoyonsa. English-Amharic Vocabulary with phrases.

T waited for you 7ia dakanta 7na ku, yin ddko’, to w. CoiJGfure, a helmet-shaped c. Trage- laphus scriptus mazo, ganjar. Thus we might almost equally well write yanka or yenka ‘ to cut,’ kwai or kwoi ‘ egg,’ hanya or hainya ‘ road,’ hakiuai or hokkoi ‘ seven. Mike Ezuruonye for “Breathless” Should Win: Hippotragus equinus gwan- ki, gwamki S. hauaa

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Grammar; these stand also for Engl, ‘hers. Niger, Hausa name for the river ; n. The following have not yet been identified: Akpororo Latest Moviee Download: Here we go with our predictions; Check out full list; 1.


I failed to u. I flay 93 fly flay, tr. You have successfully subscribed to receive the pulse. Mission, Zaria, the dakaina translator of the N. Grammatical Notes, together with a Vocabulary. Jidda sartse, bi-ni-da-zugu, chi-ni-da-zugu. See sakains, accompany, tr. We could be wrong, after all, we all thought ” The Revenant” would rule the Oscars night, but “Mad Max: With 54 illustiations and a map.

I saw him from a. I caught cold sanyi ya kama ni lit. Africa is used ; an Englishman would be mutum Ingilis. I am indebted to you iiia da bashinka.

Woli Arole Latest Comedy. I’aiia ta fita chim.

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