Defenders of this film will often say that you should overlook some of its flaws because of its age. Definitely advise for horror fans with the caveat you are not watching Hollywood. This movie is BAD. There are no reviews yet. It took a hell out of me! But that kind of work has many achievements because you simply don’t expect that kind of HORROR in that form of film-making! Every character is boring and undefined, and the stiff, awkward performances are further made worse by the horribly uninspired lines of dialogue, non-existent dramaturgy, generic camera-work and bad editing. Actors and camera is excellent, and the pace is very good.

On the way he is met by members of the village council who persuade him to take the job of the village miller. Moments when stiffened with fear. Many aspects are never explained fully and remain tantalisingly remote and enigmatic. Recently I had three opportunity to see “Leptirica” again. That was the best scene in the movie and the effect it achieves isn’t even creepy or something. Mostly it’s just variations of the point-and-shoot technique of filming the characters having boring conversations.

Mostly it’s just variations of the point-and-shoot technique of filming the characters having boring conversations. Retrieved from ” https: The villagers fear hhoror vampire is at work here. There are tales of Sava Savanovic who died at least a century ago; his myth embroiled with vampiric tendencies.

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Story follows young man Strahinja who is in love with a local beauty Radojka, but their relationship has an obstacle – her father Zivan, who considers Strahinja as nothing but a loser. The DVD release cover.


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And it’s never really explained how come the vampire can only attack people in the haunted mill and not elsewhere, aside from this being a convenient plot device. Wow, so all the reviews say this is the scariest vampire movie ever! Hm, I think I will try to find this film again, I’m pretty curious about how I would feel now while watching it.

As he undresses her, he discovers a bloody hole under her breasts and realizes it is from the stake they used to impale Sava’s coffin. One of the things I regret the most in my life is the fact that I didn’t see this TV-drama film when everybody else in my generation saw it. This Serbian, made for TV movie, tells the folkloric tale of a 19th century rural village, seeped in superstitious paranoia.

The club is one of the most respected due to numerous players of high quality coming through its youth ranks through the years. He agrees, hoping it will win things over with her dad, but it doesn’t take long before he, himself, is attacked. Those appearances are sudden, and only in one case can be expected.

Actors and camera is excellent, and the pace is very good. The elders hold a town hall meeting and decide that they must take action. The rural setting offers an eerie sense of doom, with sound fim with the sounds of screeching owls. I particularly enjoyed how they messed with the mad drunken priest.

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I didn’t expect to watch overwhelming special effects or perfect film making. Dark atmosphere accomplished here is very unique and it really gives you the creeps. After finding the place where his body is buried, they nail a stake through the coffin and a butterfly flies out.


By the early s, the ownership problems were resolved and the local administration to reconstruct the watermill made of wood and stone, and adapt it into the proper tourist attraction. The imagery IS crazy. Radojka opens her eyes and transforms into a disgusting hairy creature which climbs onto Strahinja’s neck while he is trying to run away. Odd that the title Leptirica means The She Butterfly. It is shot in a beautiful countryside whose inhabitants are puzzled savs shocked by the murders of five millworkers.

The Balkans are home to polymath Johann Weikhard von Valvasor, who documented the world’s first written account on vampires- about the legend of Jure Saga from Istria now Slovenia – in his encyclopedia: Unfortunetally its Hoeor movie made with TV camera so you never have impression of a real movie The film ends with Strahinja lying motionlessly on the ground and a butterfly in his hair moving its wings.

He is sometimes referred to as the Serbian Gogol. Retrieved 7 May By Decemberthe mill was reconstructed and the access road sacanovic partially improved.

This is what horror movies should be.

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