Fiona stresses about the money she used for her club night and it gets worse when Lip finds out. Where the Streets Have No Shame — featurette Go behind the scenes with the Shameless cast and crew as they prep a number of sets and streets for the third season shoot. Now that they’re living together, Fiona struggles to accept the new “boring” Jimmy. Carl heads off to cancer camp, while Frank agrees to be Jody’s sex coach with Sheila. Pages with citations lacking titles Pages with citations having bare URLs. Carl grows suspicious of Debbie’s attempts to get closer with Kelly.

Frank enjoys his newfound celebrity as the face of the gay rights movement but discovers there’s even more money to be made and sex to be had by switching teams – again. His dad tells her this is typical of Jimmy. Sheila and Jody struggle to adjust to parental life with baby Hymie; they have Debbie babysit and even let Frank stay because he seems to quiet Hymie. Mar 24, While Fiona’s job has brought structure into her life, things fall apart when Jimmy drops a bomb on her. Cascading Failures Original Air Date: Kev and V continue trying for a baby. A city employee notifies Fiona that the city will be doing sewer line work in the backyard, this is a problem because Aunt Ginger is buried somewhere in the backyard.

Fiona unites her coworkers. The Gallaghers get a visit by child protective services. Fiona starts a new office job while Jimmy continues with his job at the coffee shop.

Fiona makes Frank look for the body before the city digs up the yard. Jimmy spends time with Estefania Stephanie Fantauzzi creating false wedding photos in order to protect her from immigration services. Fiona and Jimmy start their new jobs working with sewage. And in a shock move, the Department of Family Services removes the Gallagher children with the help of shamelexs unlikely person, leaving a heartbroken Fiona to enlist Frank’s help in getting them back. One allmyviedos for sure: The third season of Shamelessan American comedy-drama television series based on the British series of the same name by Paul Abbottpremiered on January 13,at Sunday 9: Sheila and Karen attend a down-syndrome support group.


Retrieved February 22, Sheila says goodbye to Jody, Karen, and baby Hymie as they venture off on a trip and is left alone.

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Lip convinces Mandy to retrieve Molly in Milwaukee to save her from the foster care system. With Shsmeless nowhere to be found, Fiona is forced to find Frank and get him to make a “Father of the Year” appearance in court. Angered by witnessing Karen’s deficiencies after returning from the hospital, Lip confronts her at Mickey’s wedding where they break up.

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Debbie skips a day from school and spends time with a depressed Sheila while babysitting Liam. When they’re turned down he unknowingly starts a city campaign for gay rights. Ian and Lloyd Harry Hamlin seaason, Jimmy’s dad, continue to meet up and have sex.

Lip tries to file the forged will from Aunt Ginger for the house while in court, but finds out that a family relative by the name aeason Patrick filed an equally forged will earlier that supersedes theirs.

Sheila gets visited at her home by the biological teenage father of baby Hymie and his mother, who Sheila decides to give Hymie to. Frank makes his way home and he’s the only one who can keep Hymie quiet.


Series Return and Premiere Dates. She then has to get Frank ready to make a “Father of the Year” appearance. At the end of the episode, Fiona finds out that Frank was the one who called child protective services. Retrieved Epieode 25, shamelesw As she is about to enter the house, she gets stopped by Beto who delivers to her money he says is from Jimmy, saying Jimmy said Fiona was too good for him.

Laura Slade Wiggins was demoted to a recurring character for her role as Karen Jackson.


He also finds out his father’s true sexuality after seasoh brings him to the Gallagher’s house, where Lloyd gets in bed with Lip whom he mistakes for Ian; Ian then finally reveals his relationship with him.

As the new sgameless of gay rights, Frank is lured to the other side. Fiona starts a new office job but has a hard time fitting in with the corporate culture.

Frank staggers home and clashes with the rest of the Gallaghers due to his shhameless antics; after trying to take care of Frank, showing him kindness and love, Debbie Emma Kenney finally has enough of Frank’s bad behavior, hitting him with a homemade weapon. Ian deals with the return of Mickey Noel Fisher and tries to figure out if they’re in a relationship.

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While Hymie’s family arrives to take their son from Sheila and Jody, Karen returns home. Frank goes missing and turns up in Toronto, tries to embrace sobriety, and bends the law to protect his disability checks; Fiona falls for a player with a lot of money and a big secret; Ian embraces his sexuality.

Fiona finally faces Frank in court; the judge continues Frank’s parental rights but declares Fiona the other legal guardian of the Gallagher children. Jimmy learns his parents are getting divorced and his dad is gay. Lip is sentenced to community service.

The Gallaghers have always been fiercely loyal to one another, but now that Frank has taken things too far uus his outraged family finally declare war? Ian is confused when Mickey sleeps with a neighborhood girl. She then has a few friends over for whom she showcases a few of the adult toy products that she is selling.

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