Murphy is a faintly uncommon name amongst Protestants but it is not unusual by any means. The assumption not in every case unreasonable was that any Catholic knew something about the IRA, and sufficient brutality would release that knowledge. Taking advantage of the aftermath of a loyalist paramilitary strike and local elections, Nesbitt had the recovered McLaverty disguised and driven by police around the Shankill area on Wednesday 18 May to see if he could spot the men who had abducted or attacked him. Add the first question. Kenny the platoon commander at least possesses a plausible inner world. A few days later, on 30 November , an internal feud led to the deaths of two members of a rival UVF company on the Shankill and to that of Archibald Waller, who had been involved in the Crossen murder. A brief coda shows Liam and the widowed Ann at the coinciding funerals of Kathleen and Kenny — two more casualties of the conflict, separated by politics in life but brought together in death.

At this time McLaverty lived under police protection in Dublin, where he had been given a covername. This page was last edited on 11 August , at If by this he meant that IRA men did not use knives or torture, or purposely mutilate their victims, then it is also contestable. The potential rewards are manifest. Of the few characters not lifted from Dillon, McClure appears to be based on Tara leader William McGrath, or may simply be a depraved caricature of one of the better known preacher-politicians who flirted with paramilitarism. How does the paramilitary commander enforce boundaries regarding acceptable forms of killing? He insists it is fiction but the film makers seem happy to forget that he said this and use it as truth at times. Quinn’s body was not found until mid-evening, after a phone call to a Belfast newspaper, while Rice’s was found about six hours after his murder.

Arguably the worst of these incidents was the dreadful murder of 87yr old William Younger and his daughter Letitia at their home in Ligoniel. As the taxi pulled alongside Crossen, Murphy jumped out and hit him with a wheel brace to disorient him. Of the two it is undeniably the more satisfying film for anyone looking for an exploration, flawed as it is, of the Northern Ireland conflict and loyalist terror groups.

What made Victor Kelly this way?

In the Shadow of the Butchers: Loyalist Paramilitaries on Film

This ”adaptation” loses almost all of these qualities and leaves us feeling disgusted we wasted our time watching this tripe. Murphy’s family denied he sankill had a violent nature or was involved with the Butchers: Townsend is sensational as as Victor and Holmes music is as good as its gets – long love SugarSweet! Lenny Murphy was jailed in for possession of a firearm, but it was thought he made sure the slaughter went on after he directed right-hand-man William Moore, who provided the knives to hack up many more victims, to take over.


Murphy repeatedly told Crossen: Murphy flm to assemble a new gang.

The New York Times likewise praised the film while noting the contrived ending. Most individuals are intelligent enough to tell fact from fiction, but in the collective mind these details sometimes become blurred. The decision in to devolve the vetting of recruits to platoon commanders allowed Murphy to select those most amenable to butcheers aims, rather than those of the wider organisation.

The media and the tourist imagination: Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. This would not be a problem in a novel, but it makes for a messy and unfocused film. I guess this was as far as the filmmakers could go without actually calling Kelly Murphy.

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Polarisation and long-standing resentments caused by the conflict are very real, as is made clear in this letter to the Irish News from November following the stoning of peace marchers by republican youths:.

Cochrane’s body was found a week later.

In a subsequent plea bargainMurphy pleaded guilty to a firearms charge and was sentenced on 11 October to twelve years’ imprisonment. We started pumping rounds into him until the guy just busts open. Read Martin Dillon’s book on the subject, “The Shankill Butchers”, for a real insight into the shakill. Any shortcomings within the antecedent text are also absorbed into the fictional work.

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Shankikl who is familiar with the case of the Shankill Butchers should know that this movie is a travesty, and a disgrace to the victims and their families, and to everyone in Northern Ireland, regardless of their background. Murphy’s associate, Tommy Stewart, battered Donegan to death with a shovel.

Nothing Personal is superficially credible then, but it is not semi-documentary or verite. Sir — To all the peace people of Andersonstown who have written to your paper saying how ashamed they were of the Shankill Road people being stoned — the worst injury being a broken wrist — I would like to say they were very lucky considering all the innocent Catholics who have been brought up the Shankill to be murdered with their throats cut and other parts of their bodies obscenely butchered before being shot.

Lenny Murphy master butcher has been responsible for the horrific murders of over 20 innocent Nationalists in the Belfast area and a number of Protestants. Marc Evans directs sinisterly but without judgement. The Muscle Hedley Harlan The next morning he initiated a large arrest operation and many of McAllister’s associates, including Moore, were taken into custody. The killings in the film are glamorized as ‘Pulp Fiction’-type sadism and the sectarian element is embarrassingly brushed aside.


Townsend does what he was asked to do, it’s just a pity he wasn’t asked to do the right thing. If you didn’t press stop on your video recorder five minutes into this film due to the shocking nature of some of the opening scenes, you will discover that this is a beautiful film which has more in common with ‘Interview With The Vampire’, ‘The Company Of Wolves’, ‘Brighton Rock’ and ‘Frankenstein’ than it does with a film about sectarian violence.

What a cruel, confused film. Eoin MacNamee’s screenplay loses some of the visceral quality so powerfully evoked in his own novel, and the sense of place suffers badly from the movie having been shot entirely outside of Belfast.

The IRA takes this opportunity to restate its policy of non-sectarian attacks, while retaining its right to take unequivocal action against those who direct or motivate sectarian slaughter against the Nationalist population. There is no truth to either depiction: In support of this theory, Craig was later executed by his UDA colleagues for “treason”, an inquiry having found some evidence of his part in the murder of other top loyalists by the IRA.

Further arrests followed and the overall picture became clearer. Informed readers will no doubt have already perceived that neither Nothing Personal nor Resurrection Man spring from wholly fictitious origins.

Livestock, tractors, buildings below zip through our view as if in a model railway set. Kenny the platoon commander at least possesses a plausible inner world. Nothing Personal shows loyalists cruising for targets without the precaution of masks or gloves. John Murphy received three years’ imprisonment for his part in this incident.

I also urge you to try and get your hands on “Lost Lives”, a book chronicling every death as a result of the N. Strong performances from O’Rawe and Fricker in creating authentic Belfast dialogue. The gang also killed six Ulster Protestants over personal disputes, and two other Protestants mistaken for Catholics.

Neither was filmed in Belfast but Nothing Personalwhich used locations in Dublin, passes for it well. Members of the gang also carried out butcherss bombing mission on the Falls Road that killed a year-old Catholic boy on 10 April

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